Bikalpa Art Center (BAC) is an alternative, one of the vibrant places in Kathmandu, A common platform for likeminded people to share knowledge, experiences and products. BAC tries to play a catalyst role in bringing social cohesion,  fostering freedom of expression, solidarity, and respect of all human dignity via its programs and activities catering to the local as well as the international artistic community.

BAC also aims to create a narrative and promote Nepali Contemporary Art, Culture, and Lifestyle to the wider audience and market around the world. It brings together and promotes a wide range of art and craft works from different communities and regions from across the country and the globe. 

Recent Posts

14th February 2013- As the Occupy Baluwatar Movement, steps into its 50th day, the artists from BAC marked the day with the project “Women or Object?”. Amidst the crowd of around 3000 people, the artists portrayed them as bronze sculptures.…

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“Bikalpa”, an imagination of a couple, Saroj Mahato and Mahima Singh some 3 years back has now started taking its shape. A very pioneering concept, Bikalpa is the upshot of the enthusiasm and passion of young art lovers towards it…

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