An art protest by Mahima Singh & Group


Violence Against Women is (VAW) is at its crest at present. Just about every day we take notice of the news of some girl or woman being raped, killed or agonized. As such, the question, “Are women only mere objects?” lies before us to which all of us are equally accountable.
In such an unpromising state, the movement by the name “Occupy Baluwatar” has brought a beam of hope and optimism to us.
On February 14, the movement will mark its 50th relentless day of demanding justice for victims of violence against women in Nepal, something that initially began on December 28, 2012, to demand justice for one victim of robbery and rape in the hands of government employees.
In this regard “WOMEN OF OBJECTS?” is a small endeavor of “Bikalpa Initiative” to demonstrate its participation to support the team of OB! “WOMEN OF OBJECTS?” is a silent protest through a performance art by Mahima Singh and group to aware the concerned ones not to confound women as objects and act conscientiously.


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