Women or Objects?


14th February 2013- As the Occupy Baluwatar Movement, steps into its 50th day, the artists from BAC marked the day with the project “Women or Object?”.

Amidst the crowd of around 3000 people, the artists portrayed them as bronze sculptures. The artists used performance art to protest for violence against women in a silent way. The performance art was to aware of the public in an effective way and to get an efficient response from the concerned authorities and the government.

The artists of “Women or Objects?” were Mahima Singh and the team from Youth safe (Dikshya Shah, Anusha Sapkota, Kabita Rai, Sanju Pariyar). The main message flown from this performance was to appeal to the people not to treat women just as mere objects and respect them and provide equal rights and dignity as their male counterparts.



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