FAQ for AIR Program

What is BAC residency?
BAC’s Artists in Residence Program was established in 2013 as a resource for artists and creative thinkers of all genres. We are located in the heart of Patan but still away from the maddening crowd. Patan is the second metropolitan artistic city connected to Kathmandu. The BAC premises has a beautiful urban green landscape with lots of tall trees, plants, flowers and seasonal fruits. The total area of the center is about 17,000 sq. ft. (177 x 94) that runs with the setting of an art cafe, co-working space/ designer’s studio and an art exhibition gallery.

Why are Cafe and Co-working space in the art center?
The main motive of having a cafe and the co-working space in the center is to make the center more accessible to the general public, bring more audiences to the activities that take place at the center. At the same time, it also makes the center a self-sustainable organization. The cafe and co-working space complement to the art center.

How is the working space/ studio space for the artist who comes into the residency?
Most likely we provide our newly constructed fix shared studio space to the artists however depending on the nature of the artwork, we also provide open space/ garden.  To view the space please visit this link here

What is the duration of a residency?
Residencies are scheduled in 6 weeks (min) to 12 weeks (max) long blocks and artists are asked to join the residency from the very first day until the end. However if one has not enough time can also apply for visiting or guest artist at BAC. The visiting/ guest artists will not be offered the facilities and programmings as the artists will be offered while in residency. To look for the more details on visiting artists please visit the link here https://www.bikalpaartcenter.org/visiting-artists/

What accommodation and other expenses like?
BAC does not provide accommodation facilities, artists are free to find on their own. However, on request we help artists to find good accommodation/ recommend them to find one in the closer neighborhood of BAC. The expenses depend on the need to vary from 150$ to 400$ per month for a single room.

The other expenses like food and transportation also depend on where you eat. Public transportation is quite reasonable from NRs 20 to 50 in the city, however, if you ride a private car or a taxi it will cost around NRs. 200 to 1000 depending on the distance.

What other services besides the residencies do you provide for the artists?
There will be:

  •  An introduction to the local art scene, presentations by some local artists.
  • Opportunity to give presentations, workshops or any other extra events that artists want to take on throughout the residency period.
  • The opportunity to work with and meet other visiting artists
  • The chance to visit local artists studios, museums, galleries
  • The chance to exhibit/ display/ perform the work at the end of the residency as an open studio Exhibition.

What does the program, not include?
BAC does not provide:

  • Accident and Health Insurance
  • Visas
  • Materials
  • Mobile phone/SIM card
  • Laptop/Computers
  • Public Transport Passes.
What is expected from the artist?
This is your time, and we hope you will use it to engage fully in your work. However, artists are encouraged to think of ways to engage the community in their work.
  • We expect artists to arrive BAC at in the first week of the residency program (at least a week earlier) and leave after the open studio exhibition (at least a week later) by clearing out space and all.
  • We appreciate a piece of artwork donated to BAC for its permanent collection which is created during the residency period.
  • Once the artist’s application gets selected for the applied season, the artist will not retrain or drop to participate in the residency. So, please make sure before making an application that you can manage your time for the preferred season and you will not withdraw after all.

May I bring my partner, family member with me?
Our residency program is a place for artists and creative thinkers to focus on their work, be committed and accomplish the project without distractions. We appreciate artists being engaged with the schedule and activities given by BAC, however, if the partner or family member wants to visit and schedule their stay without disturbing the program is likely reasonable.

How do I get there?
15 to 25 minutes drive from the Tribhuvan International airport, Kathmandu to Pulchowk, Lalitpur, BAC (in front of Sajha Petrol Pump, in between the M&S Tower & Nidan Hospital ). You may get public transportation, taxi or a private vehicle from the airport directly. it will take about 30 minutes to arrive. We normally send someone to pick the artists up from the airport to BAC.

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