All the major events like art exhibitions, residency/ exchange programs, educational training/ workshops are posted on our website. However, there are so many other regular events like weekly movie nights, musical concerts, standup comedy, poetry recitation, meetups, etc. that we could not post on our website but they are all certainly posted on our social media networks. This page extracts all the upcoming events posted on our official Facebook page.

Weekly Movie Night is an effort to promote non-commercial movies based upon art, biographies, history, musicals, epics in order to create awareness and highlight various social issues. The screening is set in a very casual environment with the option to having dinner and drinks It is also followed by a short discussion or a reflection session whereby the participants get an opportunity to discuss absolutely anything related to the film.

Performing artists, Writers, comedians, and musicians are invited to come to share their favorite material in an effort to develop an interdisciplinary arts community at BAC.