Bikalpa Art Center (BAC) is an alternative, one of the vibrant places in Kathmandu. A common platform for likeminded people to share knowledge, experiences, and products. BAC plays a catalyst role in bringing social cohesion, fostering democratic values, freedom of expression, solidarity, and respect of all human dignity via its programs and activities catering to the local as well as the international artistic community.

BAC also aims to create a narrative and promote Nepali Contemporary Art, Culture, and Lifestyle to the wider audience and market around the world. It brings together and promotes a wide range of art and craft works from different communities and regions from across the country and globe.


AIR Talk & Presentation

Bikalpa Art Center invites you to the artist’s talk and presentation by the BAC Young Artists Studio Support Program residence artists Pooja Duwal and Subod Simbu with the residency curators…


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