Exhibition Proposal

Bikalpa Art Center promotes young and aspiring artists by proving them a platform in different ways. We encourage artists to make an application for having an exhibition curated or even get involved in our programs and take advantage of professional growth, networking and learning. Once your application selected you will be given an invitation to exhibit your work at BAC Gallery with curatorial service and basic logistic expenses of the show.
The following are the exhibition proposal submission guidelines. Please follow them and submit it at [email protected]
Proposal submission guidelines:
  • Artist’s statement (Let us know briefly about you and how you connect to your work)
  • The theme of the work (Explain the concept of your work)
  • The physical introduction of the work (Explain materials, techniques, dimensions, time, etc.)
  • A visual reference of the project, at least 5 images of the work or even drawing
  • Why do you want to exhibit your work at BAC?
  • Artist’s Portfolio (PDF presentation that shows your artistic journey)
  • Resume
  • Identification card/ Citizenship cart or a copy of Passport
  • Price list of the works if that are for sale
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