Bikalpa Art Center (BAC) is a non-profit and non-government organization,  an alternative, vibrant place in Kathmandu lead by a group of dynamic and self-motivated youth who are entirely devoted to introducing art to the general public by increasing access and providing innovative art experiences.

An exclusive notion in itself, BAC is one of the very infrequent institutions that recognize the significance of art, culture and civilization. As the name itself symbolizes, it’s a hub, a common space, a real platform where artists, art lovers, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts can put their imaginations into practice.

In today’s era of modernization, our society is gradually trailing its ethnicity, values and norms. Regardless of the affluence of culture and various forms of local arts and architectures, they are yet to be cherished, esteemed and appreciated. But the verity that the scope of intervention as such local roots still remains overlooked. Thus, Bikalpa Art Centre’s core intent is to fortify such a local form of arts and utilize them to inspire the art lovers and practitioners to come up with something creative, innovative and imaginative. The main goal of the center is the endorsement and promotion of Nepali Contemporary Art and Culture through diverse forms of practices and research programs. 

BAC is known as an artsy ecological, environment-friendly green sustainable social entity that runs with the notion to help and support the local echo system with a self-sustainable mechanism! And yes, it is a 99% plastic-free zone!


The idea of an alternative art space, a community hub the Bikalpa Art Center (BAC) was seeded in 2010 by the couple, Saroj Mahato & Mahima Singh Mahato, while they were studying art in South Korea. The idea came into a realization firmly and materialized into a real form in 2013 when they got back in Kathmandu after their study. It took place in Jhamsikhel in its initial period of time and started with residency programs, exhibitions and few other activities in the integration of a cafe and a gallery.

A year later, in 2014 BAC moved to Pulchowk in a bigger and better place. It started there as a full-fledged Center as it was visioned by the founders. Since then, the BAC dynamically has been running with its full programs and activities. Today, Bikalpa has become a milestone and known as a real alternative platform for artists, entrepreneurs, social enterprises, startups, and the international artistic community. 


As Bikalpa is an independent and self-sustainable entity, it has created a wide range of elements that have been introduced to establish an echo system among which some function at a commercial level whereas the others are absolutely not motivated by profit.

The Art Gallery & Online Store

The Gallery, an independent entity in itself,  a place to share experiences where art and business collide in a great atmosphere. It caters local as well as the international artistic community with its various programs and activities from curating an art exhibition to organizing a big trade market and festival. The gallery is also a place for screening documentaries by an entity or groups and it is also known for a popular event venue in Kathmandu.

The online store is an extensive platform for Nepali artists and artisans. It collects and promotes a wide range of art and craft from different communities and regions across the country.

Bikalpa Art Cafe & Bar

Bikalpa Art Cafe & Bar is perceived as a green, ecological, funky hangout for pub grub & beer! Yes, it has become one of the coolest cafes in the town. It is also known as the Bikalpa Beer Garden. It organizes various social events like live band performance, standup comedy, slam poetry, etc. 

At the cafe, health and environment are the key elements and they are always on the top priority list. There are also Vegan & Gluten-Free options available on the menu. The interior/ exterior, furniture, physical structures are designed and up-cycled (built) by in house designers/ artists and yes we are 99% plastic-free zone!

Visit their website to learn more about their menus, events or just to book a table for dinner! HERE

The Coworking Space & Designers' Studio

The Coworking Space/ Designer Studio is another creative platform for likeminded people where plenty of new ideas are created by working together. The coworking space caters to new startup companies, IT developers, designers, freelancers and digital nomads. 

Since it is within the art center and cafe, the users/ members get plenty of opportunities to enjoy social life, meet new people and get engaged in artistic activities like live music, movie nights, networking meetups, exhibitions and etc.

To learn more about amenities and prices please visit it’s official website HERE


Bikalpa Art Center (BAC) founded by a couple, Saroj Mahato & Mahima Singh Mahato, artists, educator and entrepreneur who envisioned creating a common platform and a lively green/ artsy community space where likeminded people could share their knowledge, experience and products.  The couple believes in a self-sustainable echo system that is why every element of Bikalpa is rooted in a self-sustainable mechanism. BAC has been providing platforms and supporting the artistic community along with the local young entrepreneurs in different ways.





Saroj Mahato started his artistic career in 2004 after his undergrads from Tribhuvan University, Lalitkala Campus, Kathmandu, Nepal. He studied MFA (Video/ Film) from Korea National University of Arts, South Korea (2011). He is also an alumni of the Asian Film Academy (AFA) at Busan International Film Festival. He has also worked at Tribhuvan University Central Department of Arts for five years (2012- 2017) as a new media lecturer. His works have been seen at several in Nepal and abroad. He has been working at Bikalpa Art Center (BAC) from 2013 as a director. 

As a curator/ managing director, he has organized several international art projects like residencies, exhibitions and events which can be found under  During the course, he has successfully worked with multi-local as well as international partners, collaborators, sponsors.

Saroj Mahato
20th Nov. 1981, Mahendra Adarsh– 7, Bara, Nepal 
e-mail: [email protected]
Cell phone: +977-9851147776

Education :
2011: M. F. A. (Film and Videos) Korean National University of Arts, South Korea 
2005: B. F. A. Lalitkala Campus, Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal
2002: I. F. A. Lalitkala Campus, Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal

Independent Films and Videos:
2012: Dhulo (Short Movie – 17 Minutes- Producer. Director & Editor)
2011: The Last 5 Minutes ( Short Movie – 10  Minutes – Production Designer)
2011: Buddha Born in Nepal ( Documentary – 75 Minutes – Producer, Director & Editor)
2011: Luniva (Short Movie – 13 Minutes – Producer, Director & Editor)
2010: Self Portrait, a painting… (Short Movie – 13 Minutes)
2010: Virtual Dream (Short Movie – 13 Minutes)
2009: As it is…  (Video Art – 05 Minutes)

Film Festivals:
2013: Toronto Nepali Film Festival, Toronto, Canada
2012: Nepal Now 2012  Nepal Now 2012 Köln, Heliosstr. 6, 50825 Köln-Ehrenfeld, Germany
2012: Eka Deshma I Festival de’ Contemporary Cinema 2012: Underground Talkies, Kathmandu, Nepal
2011: Asia Film Academy by Busan International Film Festival

Solo Exhibitions:
2008: “Absence of Objects” 
Series I: an exhibition of paintings at Park Gallery, Pulchok, Lalitpur, Nepal
Series II: an exhibition of paintings at The Art Shop, Darbar Marga, Kathmandu, Nepal
Series III: an exhibition of paintings at the British Embassy- Esterling Club, Lazimpat, Kathmandu, Nepal 
2006: “Green Apple” an exhibition of paintings and installation at Bandana Art Gallery, Kathmandu, Nepal 
2005: “Here You Are!” a collaborative exhibition of sounds, installations, poetries and paintings at Nepal Art  Council, Kathmandu, Nepal

2019: Trans Studio Project 4.0, Bikalpa Art Center, Kathmandu, Nepal
2011: 5 days Interactive Media Art Camp,
Jeonju, South Korea by Smart Space Culture Technology Research Center
2010: Artists in Residence “Food and Food (30 days)” organized by Art Space Mite and Ugro Community Space 
2007: “Naya Aawaj Haru” a two months residency organized by Sutra Art Center, Kathmandu, Nepal 
2010: “Food and Food” 45 days Artists in Residence organized by Art space MITE and Community Space Ugro, Gwang Ju, Korea 

Grants and Awards :
2008: Full Scholarship for Master’s Program in Fine Arts From Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism at Korean National University of Arts, South Korea
2008: Public Art/ Bill Board Project “Gender Equality and Democracy” organized by Lasanaa an alternative art space 
2005 Special award of “Juddakala” Annual art competition and exhibition organized by Zero Century Nepal

Working Experiences:
2012- Present: Lecturer at Tribhuvan University, Central Department of Fine Arts, Kirtipur, Kathmandu, Nepal
2007 – 2008: Art and Craft Teacher at Ullens School, Khumaltar, Lalitpur, Nepal (full time)
2006 – 2007: Art Teacher at United School, Satdobato, Lalitpur, Nepal (part time)
2003 – 2007: Art and Craft Teacher at Wendy House School Bhatbhateni, Kathmandu, Nepal (part time)
2000 – 2003 Art and Craft Teacher at Care Top Boarding School Lagankhel, Lalitpur (part time)

Selected Group Art Exhibitions
2010: A group exhibition as a part of artists in residence “Food and Food” at Art Space MITE, Gwang-Ju, South Korea

2009: A group Exhibition at Mite Gallery, Gwangju, South Korea

2008: A group painting exhibition “on the relief Flood Victim” jointly organized by the Art Shop and Wagon at Art Shop Gallery Kathmandu, Nepal 

2007: A group painting exhibition “ Naya Aawas Haru” organized by Sutra Art Center, Kathmandu, Nepal

2006: A 5 men art exhibition “A Connection…With You…II” organized by OATH at Nepal Art Council, Kathmandu, Nepal

2005: A group painting exhibition “Peace and Development” organized by NAFA at NAFA Art Gallery Naxal, Kathmandu, Nepal

2005: National Art and Craft exhibition organized by Nepal Kalakar Samaj at NAFA Art Gallery Naxal, Kathmandu, Nepal

2004: A group art exhibition “A Connection…With You…I” organized by OATH at Gallery Nine, Kathmandu, Nepal

2003: National Art and Craft exhibition organized by NAFA at NAFA Art Gallery Naxal, Kathmandu, Nepal

2004: A joint art exhibition of Nepalese & Indian artists organized by Zero Century Nepal in Gantok, Sikkim, India

Present Involvement
Founder and Director of Bikalpa Art Center
Executive Director of Randomline Production

Mahima Singh is a Kathmandu based visual artist. She perceived art as a means of expression from her childhood age. She was awarded 1st in several art competitions during her high school study. She pursued her Formal art study in 2000 at Tribhuvan University, Lalitkala Campus, Kathmandu. Mahima holds a Masters of Fine Arts from the Korea National University of Art, South Korea.  Her work has been shown in two solo exhibitions, Spontaneity and Control in DM gallery and The Rain in Godo Gallery, both in Seoul, South Korea in 2012.

Mahima is currently working in the mediums of performance, portraiture, and installation art. Her latest project (2016 to present) is a series of post-mortem portraits of those who passed away in the April 2015 earthquake. These mixed-medium portraits question our materialistic world and showcase the impermanence of life.

Mahima Singh, 14 July 1984
[email protected]
EDUCATION :2020 – MA (Master’s in Museology) Lumbini Buddhist University, (ongoing)
2019 – MA (Master’s in Applied Buddhism) Lotus academic college, Lumbini Buddhist University, (ongoing)
2012 – MFA (Master’s in Fine Art), Full scholarship at Korea National University of Arts, Seoul, South
Korea.2006 – BFA (Bachelor’s in Fine Art), from Tribhuvan University (Lalit Kala Campus), Kathmandu,
Nepal.2003 – IFA (Intermediate in Fine Art), from Tribhuvan University (Lalit Kala Campus), Kathmandu,
2001- SLC (School leaving Certificate), from Nepal Adarsha Secondary School, Ganabahal, Kathmandu Nepal.

Cofounder of Bikalpa Art Center (BAC), Pulchowk, Lalitpur.
Central Department of Fine Art, Tribhuwan University, Kirtipur, Nepal.
Since 2016 till date – Art teacher at The British School, Sanepa.

2017 – Art mentor at SAISA Art, south asian international school, Lincon school, Kathmandu Nepal.
2015 – Post earthquake art therapy classes at Bikalpa Art Center.
2015 – Sacred Water: Art mentor to the community women of Patan, Llalitpur Nepal.
2012 – worked in Kathmandu International Art Festival (KIAF)

2012- “Spontaneity and Control” DM Gallery, Seoul, South Korea
2012 – “The Rain” Godo Gallery, Seoul, South Korea

have done lots of performances since 2007 in Nepal and in South Korea. Some selected performances are:
2017- “Being in the Body”, at Basantapur Darbar Square, Kathmandu Trinale.
2016 – “Lost In colors” Kathmandu International Performance Art festival.
2016 – Performance in Bara and Persa District on violence against women by UNPF.
2015 – “Domestic violence” performance on 16 days of activism against gender based violence by UNDP.
2013 – “Women Or Object” Performance at prime minister’s quarter, Baluwetar, Nepal.
2012 – “Spontaneity and Control”, DM Gallery, Seoul Korea.

2011 – “Floating Chair” Asia Young artist festival,Kunsthalle, Gwang-ju, South Korea2009 – “Inner Beauty” Art
Space Mitte Gallery, Gwang-ju, South Korea2008 – “Peace Performance” Basantapur, Kathmandu, Nepal2007 –
“Gender equality and democracy” LASANAA an alternative art space, Kathamandu, Nepal.
2014 – Park Art Fair, Park art gallery, Lalitpur, Nepal
2013 – 3 rd international contemporary art exhibition, Osaka, Japan
2012 – Seoul Open art festival (SOAF),Coex, Seoul,South Korea
2012 – Asia top hotel art festival, Seoul, South Korea
2019 – 3 days Tistung landscape painting workshop, Nepal Academy of Fine Arts.
2019 – International Contemporary Art Project Ulsan, South Korea.
2012 – Nomadic Time and Space, Asia Residence Program in Nepal, Korean and Nepali artist in Nepal.
2012 – 4 days National workshop by Lasanaa, Kathmandu, Nepal.
2011 – Asia Young Artist Festival, Gwang-ju, South Korea2011- 5 days Interactive Media Art Camp, Jeonju,
2010 – “Food and Food (30 days)” organized by Art Space Mite and UgroCommunity Space Gwangju Korea2007
– 2 months residency by SUTRA, Ktm.2007 – 5 days International residency by “LASANAA an alternative art
2017 UNESCO Art and Society award,
2015 “Pattern Breaker of the Month” as performance Artist by South Asia Communication, DANIDA ministry
of foreign affairs of Denmark and CKU Danish center for culture and development
2009 AMA (Art Major Asia )Full Scholarship for Master’s degree in Fine Arts by Korean Ministry of culture,
sports and tourism at Korean National University of Arts.2008 Bill board project by Lasaana Nepal.2001 1st
WHO, WECS, DWSS, SCEC on the occasion of world water day. 1996 2nd UNFPA/ Population &
Environment Ministry

Actively participating in various art exhibitions since 2002 till now in Nepal, Japan and in South Korea.

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