Bikalpa is Back


“Bikalpa”, an imagination of a couple, Saroj Mahato and Mahima Singh some 3 years back has now started taking its shape. A very pioneering concept, Bikalpa is the upshot of the enthusiasm and passion of young art lovers towards it which is now a hub for the forthcoming generation who want to devote themselves into the astonishing field of art.
Currently, under construction, Bikalapa’s branches shall be widespread and assorted in nature. It has a lot to offer to the people out there.
Want to observe and get pleasure from artistic creations? Oh yes! Bikalpa is the accurate place for you. But no worries if you think you might get bored by just observing and appreciating art. We have more in store for you, “The Organic Cafe”. The café with a great ambiance is one of its kinds that will serve the best possible organic food in town. Moreover, the gallery will definitely prove to be a great podium for exhibitions and documentary screenings.
And all that happens in Bikalpa, is genuinely documented by the Randomline Production. The production house is yet another aspect of the Bikalpa Art Center which does all the multimedia related works and projects from Bikalpa and apart from it as well.
Taking into consideration the need of activism of youths in today’s society, Bikalpa’s additional momentous aspect is the group of the initiative. The initiative is a team of young people from diverse fields in terms of education and profession. The main operating area of the initiative is the issues facing today’s society. Reaching to the local stage and creating a very strong impact using various forms of art practices, both contemporary and conventional.
Hence, Bikalpa is now making a reappearance with a fun bag of art, organic food, production and the pulsating youths of the initiative. The team Bikalpa has been relentlessly working to serve the art lovers asap. So, ya, Bikalpa is presently on its making…………….. Hope it makes a comeback with a bang!!!!


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