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Bikalpa Art Center is now all braced up to swarm its first-ever event, “Panorama 24”. Panorama 24 is all about art, art and art!!!!! A 2-week long event, Panorama 24 is fetching to the fore 24 young artists from diverse sectors, involved with different art forms. From performance to installation, sculpture, painting, projection mapping, live music and many more…. You name it and you will get it!
This opening event of Bikalpa is precisely for re-introducing an assortment of art to the people and even in better ways. The outset is to mark a distinctiveness of Bikalpa via Panorama 24. With this instigation, Bikalpa is hopeful to pioneer itself as a factual and proper art hub and an alternative art space for the practitioners.
Being the Bikalpa’s first hive, we perceive “Panorama 24” as the striding stone.
Apart from the dynamic and vibrant artists, the other attraction of the event is the preamble of the organic café, Bistro & BBQ. Yes folks! You heard it right.
The café is located within the premises of the center and would be serving delectable and scrumptious organic food at the opening of the event and that too with a heavy discount.
So if you wish to know more about Bikalpa, get acquainted with various art forms and take pleasure in the real good organic meal then you are heartily welcome at “Panaroma 24”.
The event details are mentioned as follows:


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