‘Nepal: Then & Now’ Photography Exhibition: Participation Guideline


The photography exhibition has been extended two weeks, as there are still a few spots lefts in our show. The new deadline for your submission is Friday the 11th of May 2018 (previously the 27th of April 2017). The BAC is here to offer a platform and guidance to amateur photographers. As the BAC can help refine your ideas, we encourage you to contact us with your expression of interest as soon as possible. In order for us to set up a meeting to discuss your idea, prior to this deadline. Please send your expression of interest to [email protected]/ [email protected] or call Saroj on +977 9851147776.

‘Nepal: Then & Now’ is a photography exhibition that juxtaposes historical and contemporary photographs of Nepal, examining how the physical and social landscape of Nepal has changed over time. This exhibition will showcase 10 to 13 different comparison, selected/taken by various photographers. BAC welcomes participation from both professional and amateur photographers. By having the work of different photographers, with varying levels of expertise, it allows for different interpretations and perspective on the overarching theme of Nepal in flux.

Change is complicated and multi-faceted, impacting society in both negative and positive ways. In the last hundred years Nepal has gone through a period of rapid change, with: the rise and fall the Rana autocracy; tumultuous political changes; Nepal opening up its borders; the “hippie invasion” and freak street; becoming a tourist and NGO global hotspot; technological advancements; educational reform; the destruction of the April 2015 Nepal Earthquake (also known as the Gorkha earthquake); and globalization. ‘Nepal: Then & Now’ will examine change from different perspectives and through the lenses of different lived-experiences of the artists. Participants are required to source a historical photograph of Nepal and take their own picture of the same location and/or of the similar subject matter. When deciding what to photograph, consider the message you want your comparison to make.

Open Call for participation link HERE

Frequently asked questions (FAQ):

What are the rules/guidelines for participation?

Each participant is a requirement to submit one comparison. Comprising of two photographs: one contemporary, one historical. You must provide the details of the historical photo, including the name of the photographer and the title of the photograph (if possible) because of copyright. Each comparison should be accompanied by a brief (100 -200 words) statement, explaining the content and location of the photographs, and describing the meaning of the comparison and how it relates to the theme of the exhibition.

In what ways can I interpret the theme of change in this exhibition?

You can show how Nepal has changed in both a positive and negative way. Or, you could also choose to highlight how certain aspects of Nepali culture have not changed. When making your comparison reflect on what you are trying to say with this comparison. If you are struggling with your interpretation of the theme, contact us, and we can set up a meeting a discuss this.

How many photos can I submit in the show?

Each participant can submit a maximum of two comparisons in the show (two contemporary photos, two historic photos).

What are the submission requirements for the photos (image size, format, etc.)?

We require you to email us with a decent quality jpg. of your photos to [email protected]. Once we have confirmed your submission, we can discuss the particulars of images, such as size etc.

How do I source a historical image of Nepal?

Part of the exhibition is for the photographers to source their own historical image, there is no prescribed way for collecting the photos. You should conduct your own research, in order to find a comparison you want to make. You could look through old family photos, public archives, or even online etc. If you need more guidance, send us an email, and we’ll set up a meeting with you to assist.

How does this exhibition work in regards to copyright?

The photographer will retain the copyright for any images submitted. The photos will be printed for the exhibition by the BAC. The BAC may also use these photos on our website and social media to promote the exhibition. The photographer will be credited whenever we use their images.

Can we sell our photographs in the show?

Yes, you can sell your photos at our exhibition. You will get 65% of the profits of your any of your photos sold; we take a 35% commission. You decide the price of the photo. If your photo doesn’t get sold, the Bikalpa Art Centre will keep the photo in our gallery. If you don’t want us to keep your photo in our gallery, you’ll just have to reimburse us for the cost of printing and framing. Also please note, that unless you have copyright for the historic image, you will not be able to sell it.


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