Open Call for young artists, Studio Support Program!


Bikalpa Art Center announces the 3 months long Studio Support Program for local young artists/ fresh art university graduates. This will be an opportunity for the artists to understand their practical implementations in a new atmosphere, working under the curatorial direction and producing works along with strong narrations.

The Studio Support Program is designed in a very compact/ intensive format to help and support the young artists on their projects what they are already working on or on completely new projects if they want to overtake as a shift in their artistic progress! This program could be a completely new transformation to their artistic expressions or just a continuation of their narratives and styles with no restrictions.

This program is expected to continue in the iteration of every 3 months, four seasons a year with 2 artists each season. The first season will start from the 1st December 2020 and end with a final display, open studio/ exhibition on 28th February 2021. 

The submission deadline will be 25th October 2020 and the submission could be sent to [email protected]

Who can apply?
We welcome great diversity in our applicants’ nationality and discipline however in the COVID-19 situation, the first iteration will be offered only to the Nepali artists. This program is also designed to support young/ aspiring artists, so, we will also be looking carefully into the niche candidates who are also below 32 years old.

Artist’s Responsibilities
We suggest applicants to think twice before making the application in terms of their availability and time they need to spend at the studio. The most we expect from the selected artists is their commitments. It is also expected that the selected artists will donate al least a piece of work by the end of the program. The donated artworks will go in fundraising to support this project itself.

What does BAC provide?
The program name itself suggests what it provides! Yes, along with a professional/ focused environment it provides time and curatorial guidance, facilitation of the workshop, support in talk and presentation, visual documentation and networking, marketing and promotion with a small monthly stipend, and the necessary expenses of organizing the open studio/ exhibition.

What is the studio working hours?
The whole idea of the program is to make good use of time and space! So, we want the artists to take advantage at the most they could. We expect the participants to devote some time to fully grasp and understand the gist of the guidance provided by the facilitator. We understand that this is a hard time for everyone and you are not obligated to allot the entire day. However, we require the participant’s full commitment. The mandatory weekly studio working hours will be at least 15 hours.

What will be the outcome of the program?
The expected outcome can be a final display, an open studio/ exhibition of the work produced during the program.

Selection Process
BAC team will overview all the applications and the applicants should undergo a selection process interviews to analyze their willingness to participate on various grounds. 

How to apply?
All the applicants should submit with the following information at [email protected]

  1. A proposal/ motivation letter that should address the reason for wanting to undertake the studio support program.
  2. A complete/ updated artist’s portfolio including a brief biography and resume
  3. A copy of the identity card (citizenship/ passport) 
  4. A profile image 

October 25, 2020
Applications can be sent to [email protected]


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