Fundraiser for Young Artists Studio Support Program (Artists in Residence)


BAC has started a young artist studio support program that aims to occur in the iteration of every three months. And this is a fundraiser to support the program. We would like to request you to kindly consider a small contribution to the project.

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Right now, we are trying to raise funds for a 3-month long Young Artists Studio Support  Program  (December 2020 – February 2021) for local young artists and fresh art university graduates.

The program will be a residency-like experience. It is an opportunity for the artists to understand practical implementations of their practice in a new atmosphere, working under the curatorial direction and producing work with strong narratives.

Our immediate goal now is to establish a stipend for the artists involved in the first iteration of this program, so that they can engage whole-heartedly in the project. This is the pilot version of this project, as we will be continuing the Studio Support Program into the future.

Where do your funds go? 

Your generous donations will allow participants to access materials, afford installation costs and create work while at the center.

The funds will cover
– design and publications,
– travel costs for research to/from the center,
– and, last not least, a final exhibition held at the end of the program to showcase the outcomes or developments of work produced.

We are not looking for donations of considerable sums: whatever you can contribute, even the smallest amount, will make the difference for us.

Even as little as 1€ will help us reach our goal, and will make you an invaluable supporter of our young artists and a contributor to our mission of creating and sharing art and culture!


The artists chosen for this program understand the criteria of responsibilities and commitment that come with it. The participating artists are at a point in their career where they are not full-time artists nor are they professionals.

Artists are more likely to try something new and experiment if they have some financial aid. The first iteration’s selected artists are Pooja Duwal, a graduate student of Kathmandu University and Subodh Subba graduate of Sirjana College of Fine Arts. They are both young enthusiasts and hardworking artists. We hope this program will guide them to show direction in their professional career.

Program Structure and its Participants:

The Studio Support Program is designed in a very compact format to help and support the young artists on their own projects or indeed on a completely new project if they want a change in their artistic research. This program could be a complete transformation of their artistic expression or just a continuation of their narratives, styles and researches with no restrictions.

Moreover, the Bikalpa Art Center is currently collaborating with the Asian Art Archive, hosting part of its library at the Center. This will be a wonderful opportunity for our chosen artists to get access to the library archive and books, studying and getting inspired by them in their art.

We welcome great diversity in our applicants’ nationality and discipline going forward however in the Covid-19 situation, the first iteration will be offered only to Nepali artists. The program is specifically designed to support young/aspiring artists and therefore we will be looking carefully into the niche candidates who are also below 32 years old. To view previous residency programs and the Trans Studio Project  clink on the hyperlinks or visit our website

Why Fund this Project? 

There are no other similar programs currently available to recent or almost graduated art students in the area. What we are offering is a unique, holistic environment to create and educate at no application or participation fee cost for the artists. We understand the financial limitations of emerging artists in our community and abroad and want to help them build themselves and their work portfolio to achieve their goals.

Supporting young, emerging artists ensures the continuing pursuit of new perspectives and ideas. Through your encouragement, artists will be able to further their research and knowledge and create new narratives and awareness of topics that too often become forgotten or unexplored in our culture.

Our allocation of costs is clear. We are seeking support for artists stipends and to put together a final showcase/exhibition of the work made during the program.

What Do You Get in Return?

You will receive updates from Bikalpa and get insights into the program as it is underway! We will introduce you by email to our chosen applicants and they will regularly (every two weeks) give updates on how their experience is going by talking a bit about their engagement and work.

You will get a formal invitation to attend the open studio/ exhibition at the end of the program, on the 28th of February 2020. If Covid-19 remains an obstacle at that moment or if you are unable to attend, live streaming and recording of the event will also take place.

AND: … the knowledge that you supported a home-grown, cultural institution with an eco-friendly consciousness that cares for their community and the wider community of contemporary art. 

Some practical information for our Nepalese friends

Understanding the ground reality of technical problems on international digital transactions, we have put a solution for those who want to contribute to our project and support our young local artists. You may directly transfer the desired amount via scanning the QR code below. It works with all the major banks in Nepal and Esewa account.

A little more about Bikalpa Art Center (BAC)… 

Started by artist couple and entrepreneurs Mr. Saroj Mahato and Mrs. Mahima Singh, the center is an eco-friendly, lively and friendly place to be. It’s the perfect step for an emerging student artist to engage in professional work, collaborative projects, critical thinking and research and develop within their practice. Bikalpa is also a green sustainable entity that successfully supports the local ecosystem with it being a 99% plastic-free, self-sustainable center.

Words of Gratitude!

We would like to express deepest gratitude to all the people who have contributed their effort and other resources to make this campaign possible. Credit goes to Alice Casalini who has made the illustration for the campaign, Beata Wiggen who has helped setting up this account to make this campaign possible, and our dearest interns Rosie Feerick and Giulia Casalini who has worked hard to prepare for the campaign and still working of promoting the campaign. We would also like to express the gratitude to you and all the other contributors who have directly and indirectly contributed to the project! The ‘Donate Now’ button will lead you to the Gofundme page!
Thank you once again!
BAC Family

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