Final Verge of Its Making


All set and done, Bikalpa Art Center has already stepped into its concluding days of construction and will shortly be geared up to kick off with its opening event, “Panorama 24”. In the rear of the scenes, the team has been working really rigidly to put all the pieces together and make sure that Bikalpa becomes able to mark a grand impact to its well-wishers, supporters and audience.
Express works are being done for the café and the gallery. During the opening, Bikalpa shall be pioneered as an alternative art space for all the art practitioners and art lovers.
At current, the team is busy searching for various donors and supporters as well as the management of various logistics essential for the event. The opening event will introduce 24 vivacious artists showcasing diverse art forms ranging from installation to music and many more.
The center is making an effort to host two weeks of opening event which is most likely to be held in the month of April 2013 (Baisakh 2070 BS) People from different sectors, industries, entrepreneurs, media, social field, technology, fashion and of course the art lovers all shall be gracing the event with their presence.
And the event is also open for anyone else who wants to learn about and appreciate various forms of arts.
The center is also obtainable for installing various forms of stalls related to art, food and drink to anyone interested. For this provision, interested individuals, groups and companies can visit the venue and also contact at the center.
With all such work being done, we are absolutely optimistic that Bikalpa’s rejoinder will be a noticeable and substantial one that shall craft a very fine blow to all.
Fingers Crossed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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