Workshop with Oliver Aoun (Art Photography)


“Photography is the object where the present tilts, instantly populated by ghosts”

Following that proposition, Oliver Aoun, artist in residence at Bikalpa art center, will be talking about the body of his work, and what inspires him through his photographic quest. This workshop will also include a practical part, where each participant will have the opportunity to partake in the experimental process of creating an image around the suggested theme.

Oliver Aoun (1988, Beirut), a graduate of the Paris VIII University in contemporary Arts, and the ESRA Film School (Paris) in Documentary and Film, is based between Beirut and Paris.

Oliver’s work revolves around an exploration of the status of the document-image, and the writing of a personal poetics of loss.

This workshop is designed for creative photography enthusiasts/ professionals/ art students or even those who want to attempt making art/ documentary photography.

Participants should bring their own cameras.
This workshop is for free however you will have to sign up for participation, we will get back to you soon.

Venue: Bikalpa Art Center
Date: Saturday, 14th September 2019
Time: 11:00am – 05:00pm


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