The Politics of Art, Talk by Supriya Manandhar


‘Assessing the politics of art: power, privilege and dissent’ a presentation by Supriya Manandhar.
Supriya Manandhar is an art educator, artist and activist.
This is a talk about understanding how social contexts and the relationship between artist and audience factor into what kind of politics a work of art plays into. We will explore how topics and genres of art that are countercultural in one setting may not be so in another. We’ll talk about the concept of “Punch up vs. punch down”, and take a look at how political art can range from the provocative to the more subtle.

This talk is apart of the Trans Studio Project 3.0, which is a three-week intensive contemporary art project. This project is running from 21/05 to 08/06, during this period the BAC will be hosting a number of events, including workshops, music gigs, movie screenings, etc.

The project will culminate with an exhibition in the BAC studio, opening on Friday the 8th of June.

Check-out our Facebook event page for more information. We hope to see you there!



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