Registration for Online Store and Gallery is CLOSED!


An open appeal from Bikalpa Art Center (BAC) regarding the registration of artists artwork and profiles on the online store at In initial days we had requested many artist friends to send their artworks and required information to get registered and we got huge registrations until now. Since the launch of the website is already planned and announced for 31st July 2020, we would like to let you all know that now we would be unable to include any further artists in the first phase only because of sort running time. 

As this project is planned into different phases of executions, we will certainly include more artists in the second phase after six months. Therefore, with this post, we would like to inform you all that we will not be accepting any further registrations.

Attached to the online store, BAC has its own other programs and that will bring more to promote Nepali contemporary art and culture. It will certainly bring more people on the board and start new communication! This is a difficult time but we want to thrive together! Therefore, collaboration is the only way to get through this and create a sustainable medium.


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