Open Call for participations for Trans Studio Project 2.0


Bikalpa Art Center is calling for application from all horizons, visual artists, performers, musicians, photographers, theater artists, designers, engineers, scientists, writers… all possibilities are open, the participation highest limitation is up to five.

This program aims to educate society and youth through the arts on socio-political and environmental issues in Nepal. This project consists of a series of workshops, collaboration between participants and presentations. BAC will follow you from the original concept to full production. The project will start on the 1st of August and ends by the 26th of August with a public exposition on the occasion of BAC Monthly Market. You have your own schedule and we understand it. You have no obligation to be present every day full time, except for the important meetings and production time. Please understand that the project will work only if you are committed to it.

BAC Trans Studio Project has a little budget and will provide to a certain extent for needed material, but there is no stipend attached. We believe that art can be a very powerful tool to communicate ideas and values to our society. There is a number of issues we could solve just paying more attention to the world around us. B.A.C encourages you to contribute to our common future with your talent and fresh ideas.

If you are interested, please fill-up the form. The deadline for submitting the form is 5th August 2017 6:00 pm 


Please look up at the links below to understand more details on the programs. They are our previous programs.

Trans Studio Project 1.0


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