Open call for application BAC TRANS CULTURE CAMP 2016- KTM NEPAL


Bikalpa Art Center (BAC) is pleased to announce an open call for multidisciplinary artists (projection mapping, Performance, sound, light, film/ videos, photography, installation, experimental music and all visual artist of any kind) to be a part of BAC Trans Culture Camp 2016.

What is the BAC Trans Culture Camp?

The BAC Trans Culture Camp project is a multiple mechanism-based holistic community outreach program with the motive to support, educate and make youth aware/mobilized through the arts, by producing profiling opportunities and exposure in the changing socio-cultural context of Nepal, especially after the earthquake(s) of 2015. As the project name suggests, it has a special purpose and focuses on art as a powerful medium for transformational social and cultural change.

There are three major components of this project that leads to reaching it’s goal i) Support Development Camp at BAC KTM, ii) Community Outreach Camp and iii) International real-time video symposium
For more detail please go the link HERE

Why Trans Culture Camp?

The Trans Culture Camp offers a wide artistic experience, exchange, networking and international exposures to participating artists. It will also expand the generic understanding of art and trans [transformational]culture, to introduce diverse and innovative forms of art, activism practice and raise awareness at grassroots level about issues of equality, diversity and social equity and empowerment for the individual, for society at local and national levels and the broader world.


The project is 3 to 6 months flexible in and out camp starting from May 2016 till October 2016.

What exactly will happen during the camp?

The first component of the project is 3 to 6 months in and out camp, where all participating creative youth will work under the supervision of BAC and the external facilitators. During the camp period, there will be a series of transmedia and visual documentation workshops and training.

In the meantime, they will also work and prepare for the second component, the Community Outreach Camp will be a two weeks long community evolving (teach and learn) camp. This will work primarily in 2 districts especially earthquake affected areas/ the Terai region of Nepal. This program will focus on redefining public spaces incorporating performance art, installation, projection mapping, films etc.

At the end of the session, artists will have to prepare an open exposition to the public.

Who can apply?

Applications are open to all multidisciplinary artists; projection mapping, Performance, sound, light, film/ videos, photography, installation, experimental music and all visual artist of any kind are welcome.

  • The applicant should be able to devote his/her time for both camps at BAC and in the community (producing their artworks and engaged in activities scheduled by BAC).
  • International artists/ facilitators should be able to conduct the workshop/ training and lead a project during the camp in both, community outreach camp and support development camp.

What BAC will offer?

  • BAC offers artwork production expenses for local artists.
  • BSC will provide studio/ space to produce artworks/ conduct the workshop/training etc.
  • BAC will cover the two ways travel expenses for community outreach camp (from Ktm back to ktm)
  • BAC will also cover the expenses of the lodge and food of the local artists during the community outreach camp.

What BAC will not offer?

  • All International artists will be responsible for the entire travel cost, lodge, and food. However, we may provide an official invitation letter on request for any grants.
  • BAC does not provide accommodation facilities, artists are free to find on their own. However, on request we help artists to find good accommodation in the neighborhood of BAC.
  • All the international artists/ facilitators will have to be responsible for their artworks production expenses, local transport etc.

How to apply?
All the artists should submit the following information:

  • A proposal that artist understands about transmedia and its evolution in society
  •  A motivation letter, ‘Proposals should address the applicant’s reasons for wanting to work with the community”
  • A complete artist’s portfolio including brief biography/ resume
  • A copy of the passport for foreign applicants.


It is mandatory for the artists to produce the work that can be presented upon completion of the project as open exposition. The nature of the exposition can be exhibition, presentation, performance etc.

Deadline for submission:

There is no deadline for application however we will consider the first come first preference!

For application and any further inquiry, you may write to us at [email protected] or [email protected]



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