Open Call for application, artists-in-residence 2017


Open Call for artists-in-residence 2017 at Bikalpa Art Center (BAC). BAC focuses on promoting young artists and change-makers by providing them space to produce their artworks and platform of exchange and discussion for flourishing their talent on an international basis. We highly recommend you look FAQ before making an application.


BAC offers two seasons residency throughout the year, March~ May and September~ November. However, BAC also accepts visiting artists throughout the whole year. Each season consists of three months of studio works and an open studio at the end. The open studio could be in a form of formal exhibition/ performance or any kind of display. Throughout the residency program, the artists will also be engaged in different cultural social activities, interactions, workshops, presentations and most interesting ‘evening with the artists’ night.

1st season: March ~ May 2017

2nd season: September ~ November 2017

Terms and Condition

  1. We expect artists to arrive at the first week of the residency and leave after the open studio. (If in case artists could not come at the beginning, they may join in between but it is mandatory to participate in open studio/ final exhibition.)
  2. The artists will have to spend most of their time at BAC producing artworks and engaged in activities scheduled by BAC.
  3. The artists will have to conduct a workshop or presentation to the local community; community could be local neighborhood, schools, group of local artists etc (it’s a part of the program)
  4. Once the artist’s application gets selected for the applied season, the artist will not retrain or drop to participate in the residency. So, please make sure before making an application that you can manage your time for the preferred season and you will not withdraw after all.
  5. Artists will have to make a deposit of US$ 100 to secure studio space in the residency. The application will not be considered until the deposit will be made. This is not a fee but refundable in kind just to avoid unnecessary dealing from not serious applicants.
  6. Even though there is no age limitation to become an AIR at BAC, emerging young artists (below 40) will be given priority.

Projects we accept:

We encourage applications for a wide range of projects from a diverse groups of artists that could allow them to connect to the public through their project. We are open to proposals for all phases of the project, from initial concept to full production.


Performance art, multimedia, film/ videos, photography, installation, sound and experimental music, fine art, painting, sculpture, printmaking and any other form of visual art. We also welcome writers, curators and researchers.


Any artist working in any form of visual arts is eligible to apply. We welcome great diversity in our applicants’ nationality, age, and discipline. Applications are open to individuals or interdisciplinary teams.

What we offer:

Most often, our major contribution is time and space. In this scenario, the residency primarily supports the development of a project in a focused environment along with a simple sharing studio space. The local artists only will be offered certain financial supports titled as artwork production funds.

Artists’ Responsibility:

All the artists will be responsible for the entire travel cost, lodge and food, art materials etc.


BAC do not provide accommodation facilities, artists are free to find on their own. However, on request we help artists to find good accommodation in the neighbourhood of BAC.

How to apply?
All the artists should submit the following information

  1. A proposal/outline of the project that the artist wants accomplish during the period of residency.
  2. A motivation letter, ‘Proposals should address the applicant’s reasons for wanting to undertake the studio residency and an outline of their project’
  3. A complete artist’s portfolio including brief biography/ resume
  4. A copy of the passport for foreign applicants.


It is mandatory for the artists to display their work upon completion at the end of the residency program to the local community for which space shall be provided by the center. The nature of display can be an exhibition, presentation, performance, workshop, slide show talk program etc.

Deadline for submission:

The 1st season application will be closed by the end of January 2016 and the 2nd season application will be closed by the end of June 2016.

For application and any further inquiry, you may write to us at [email protected]


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