Mapping Patan: Making the Invisible Visible


In this three-day workshop entitled “Mapping Patan: Making the Invisible Visible” Nobuho Nagasawa and Gene Hammond from Stony Brook University New York collaborated with participant artists to identify interesting people, architecture, and selected other details in Patan and asked the artists to rediscover their own City through their combined skills in research, writing, and art.

For all, sites and people and the “details of everyday life” were the inspirations for their works. Participant artists spoke to the people who live, work, and pass through their daily lives in Patan as well as paid close attention to the history and the changing architecture in the national heritage sites. They ‘mapped out’ the locations of the indicated people, places and things through visuals using photography, sculpture, painting, comics, collage, drawing, and illustrative texts to make up the communal art installation of Patan.

The workshop explored the role of an artist as one who creates, writes, influences, and participates in a diverse range of visual activities, and produced an installation on “Mapping Patan: Making the Invisible Visible” at the Bikalpa Art Center that was exhibited from August 8-12, 2016.

Participants: Kedar Dahal, Subhadra Maharajan, Yogesh Awale, Jyoscha Sharoo, Suviksha Nuepane, Parakash Ranjit, Dibesh Pradham, Sambika Basukala, Kunti Thapa Nagar, Nabin Nalbo

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