DSLR Cinematography and Editing Workshop


Bikalpa Art Center is going to offer a series of workshops on different technical and theoretical aspects of DIGITAL FILMMAKING. The very first series we would like to start with is DSLR Cinematography and Editing where we give an overview of basic cinematography and introduction to editing tools. The participants will be able to accomplish one video individually by the end of the workshop.

Any film enthusiasts, who want to develop their skills in filmmaking or anyone who has a desire on making short films, documentaries, music video and short promo videos or even who want to make their home video an edited in a sequence.

What we cover in the Workshop?
The session will be conducted in both theory and practical
1. Cinematography:
In this workshop, we will give an overview on the composition of a scene, lighting of the set and actors, choice of cameras, camera angle, and integration of special effects to achieve the photographic images desired by the director, DSLR Camera operation and manual functions of Canon 60D, 5D and 7D etc.

2. Editing:
This class will offer practical knowledge as well as theoretical concepts on editing techniques, analyzing footage and storytelling by creating sequence drama. We will give an overview of different editing platforms and software’s workspace/ Technical Aspects/ Visual FX/ Color Grading (Adobe Premiere Pro will be our major software)

What do you need to participate in the workshop?
The very first thing that you need to participate in the workshop is enthusiasm, an interest in learning and open mind.

Secondly, we ask you to prepare some basic physical equipment that you need to accomplish the work.
For cinematography: you will need any models of Canon or Nikon DSLR video recording cameras.
For Editing: you will need a good enough laptop that has at least 4gb of ram, Core 2 Duo/ I3/ I5/I7 Processor and Adobe Master Collection cs6 installed.

Class Timing and Fee structure
Deadline for enrollment 5th March 2015, 6:00 pm
Number of seats available = 10
Classes start from 1st March 2015 to 6th March 2015
Class Hours: 7.00 AM to 9.00 AM
Fees = NRs. 6,000 for both classes, NRs. 3,000 for individual class.
Regestration fee will be NRs. 200 extra.

So hurry up and grab your seat today!


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