Community yoga classes at BAC


Every Monday and Wednesday at 6 pm, donation NRs 350 per class. This donation will go to different social/ community projects. BAC is intending to set up a community library as an extensive project. So, a certain percent of the yoga class donations will go for the library project!

Yoga literally means to ‘yoke’ or join, and refers to a wide range of philosophies and practices which have been developed in India over thousands of years. One such path to ‘yoga’ is hatha yoga, which involves using asana (‘postures’) and pranayama (‘breathing techniques’) as well as quiet meditation to create a connection between mind, body and spirit. Benefits of practicing hatha yoga can include increased muscular strength and flexibility, improved immunity and ability to handle stress, as well as a greater sense of knowledge about all aspects of one’s self. Try it and see!

About the instructor
Annabel Igoe is a qualified hatha vinyasa yoga teacher and social worker from Sydney, Australia, who has been teaching yoga since 2010. Her classes are fun, varied and suitable for all levels of experience. Annabel’s yoga journey began in 2007 as a way of coping with the pressures of life, and since then has shaped and infused her whole way of understanding the body, emotions, health and ultimately her place in this world. Annabel sees yoga as a complete process including ethics, movement, breath, mediation, music and prayer and therefore a comprehensive way of exploring ourselves on all levels. Annabel facilitates fun, thoughtful and creative classes with an emphasis on breath and compassion for self and others. She teaches with passion, humility and gratitude towards all students and teachers.

For Registration please fill up the form below or contact BAC at 9851147776 or just drop an email at [email protected]


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