Bikalpa’s 1st hive: Panorama 24


Panorama 24 marked the opening of the Bikalpa Art Center. The program which was a huge success for which the guest of honors were His Excellency Jayant Prasad Shrivastava, the Indian Ambassador to Nepal, Ms. Sangeeta Thapa, the director of Siddhartha Art Gallery, Ms. Neera Joshi, the director of Park Gallery, Mr. Sujan Chitrakar from Kathmandu University Center of Art and Design among others.

To start off with the formal event, Mr. Saroj Mahato and Mrs. Mahima Singh Mahato, the cofounders of Bikalpa Art Center welcomed the guest of honors and the participating artists which was then followed by a short welcome note of the co-founders. On the very occasion, Mr. Shrivastava also expressed his views and encouraged the whole team of Bikalpa. Mr. Shrivastava shared that he was very pleased to attend a show with the difference. He also stated that Bikalpa shall add to the liveliness of the art scene of Nepal. He further added that it is a great idea to link art to society. The other esteemed guest of honors also congratulated on the opening of the Center and gave their best wishes for the upcoming events. The center was formally inaugurated with the cake cutting ceremony by the ambassador. The other highlights of the program were the performance art by Mahima Singh Mahato titled “Let’s not use Plastic” and the organic café of the center which served the food during the event. The artists who participated in the event were Agam Shrestha, Anil Subba, Dibesh Pradhan, Jupiter Pradhan, Kailash Shrestha, Kalapremi Shrestha, Laxman Karmacharya, Mahima Singh, Manish Shrestha, Mili Pradhan, Prabin Shrestha, Prajwal Tulachan, Pushpa Sherchan, Rajan Pant, Sarita Dangol, Saroj Bajracharya, Saroj Mahato, Shankar Shrestha, Sushma Shakya, Srijan Bajracharya, Sujan Dangol, Sundar Lama, Supriya Manandhar and Uday Karmacharya.

The media coverage of the event was pretty fantastic which indicates the success of Panorama 24! Bikalpa hopes to bring forward more of such events to you in the upcoming days.

KUDOS to the team!!!!!!!!!!





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