Bikalpa Store coming soon


Bikalpa Art Center introduces an online/ physical store that aims to create an extensive platform for Nepali artists and artisans. The main purpose of the store is to create a narrative and promote Nepali Contemporary Art, Culture and Lifestyle to the wider audience and market around the world. The Bikalpa Store will bring together and promote a wide range of art and craft works from different communities and regions across the country.

We believe that the Bikalpa Store will play a catalyst role beyond an online/ physical store in bringing social cohesion, fostering democratic values, freedom of expression, solidarity and respect of all human dignity.
The store also features products designed and made by artists/ designers at BAC Designer’s Studio.

In its very initial phase, the Bikalpa Store will feature three categories products i) different forms of Nepali contemporary art ii) custom design products designed, and made by local artisans and iii) some ethical sustainable local accessories and green products.

Further information and listed product will be available for public view at Store’s brand new website here


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