Beard Of Harmony


Beard of Harmony is an acoustic duo based in Bangalore, on a journey to create music and share what they love with the world. Their repertoire consists in original songs and a selection of covers reworked with their personal touch.
From making your nostalgic cells tingle with Metallica and Tool, to taking you back to the Sound of Silence, they sing and the rest follows.
The origin of Beard of Harmony can be traced back to 13th May 2016, when Sreejith The Beard featured Ruben Simon for the first time. The duo has played live music inseparably since. The brilliance of the band is how well they complement each other in vocal harmonies and the pure feel they evocate during their live sets. Beard Of Harmony is leaving a deep impression on people’s hearts while they both play guitars and sing. The band is working on releasing their EP by mid this year.

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Show Time: 7-8.30PM
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