AIR at BAC 2014- Spring


Bikalpa Art Center is honored to introduce 9 international artists chosen for Artist in Residence program at BAC from January to March 2014. From Pakistan, Russia, China, Australia, the United States, and Nepal, this group of working artists engaging in a range of medium from interactive video art to installation, mixed media to painting. While in residence artists will work on individual projects, come together for collaboration, and engage with the community through a range of events held at BAC.

Please help us as we welcome our AIRs to the vibrant community and culture that Kathmandu Valley has to offer!!!

Participating Artists

arielAriel C. Wilson

A Colorado native with a B.A. in Studio Art from Willamette University in Oregon, Wilson will spend three months in residence at BAC continuing work exploring abjection, femininity, and consumption using dried fruit skins and bras.

nadia_rahat mehrbano_khattak beenish_khalidBeenish Khalid, Mehrbano Khattak, & Nadia Rahat

This team of Pakistani artists will spend their residency exploring “the structure, rhythm and meanings of patterns in predictable as well as unpredictable manner” through two-dimensional mixed media as well as an installation. They will look to historical architecture, temples, and traditional mediums such as Thangka paintings for inspiration.

saranSaran Tandukar

Winner of the National Exhibition of Fine Art for Contemporary Sculpture in 2012 and featured in Explorations in the Photographic Medium V.1.5 at BAC in January of 2013, Saran Tandukar joins us this spring session with his new improvised site-specific installation peace.

sundarSundar Lama

Nepali visual artist, Sundar Lama, has an MFA from Lalit Kala Campus and multiple awards to his name including a Special Award for Video Art in the National Art Exhibition, 2012. He plans to spend his time at Bikalpa continuing a series of paintings

tatianaTatyana Kovaleva

With a degree in Interactive Art from St. Petersburg State University of Film & Television, Kovaleva is a media artist and filmmaker from St. Petersburg, Russia. While in residence she will work on the creation of a psychological experiment in the form of an interactive film and environment. Drawing inspiration from the Tibetan Book of the Dead, this film/environment will focus on the Bardo Thodol, or the time between death and rebirth.

travers yueyuanTravers Nash & Yueyuan Zhang

Australia & China

This collaborative team consists of Zhang, a Chinese performance artist and Nash, an Australia visual artist currently pursuing his PhD in Visual art at Queensland College of Art. In their time at BAC they hope to continue a series of technology-based sculptures.


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