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Introducing the Artists in Residence 2019 at Bikalpa Art Center from 15th August to 29th September 2019. There are 6 visual artists coming tonight from 4 different countries. Stella Grasso (ITALIANA), Wesley John (NEW ZEALAND), Mahima Singh (NEPAL), Oliver Maroun (LEBANON), Durga Suniwar (Sara Tunich) (NEPAL)

We are super excited and welcome in artists in residency program. Really looking forward for the progress and achievements. We will keep you all posted, please do follow us!

Participating Artists:

Oliver Aoun: Documentary Photographer, Lebanon/ France

Oliver Aoun (born in 1988, Beirut), a graduate of the Paris VIII University in contemporary Arts, and the ESRA Film School (Paris) in Documentary and Film, is based between Beirut and Paris.

Oliver’s work revolves around an exploration of the status of the document-image, and the writing of a personal poetics of loss.

Oliver Aoun wishes to explore the topic of suffering, in the Nepalese society, and thus
investigate, in order to find out, what are the historical particularities of that society, and
which community suffered from extremely violent events (example: Mass Murder,
Political Violences, Domestic Violences, Big earthquakes),

Mahima Singh – Performance and Mixed Medium Installation Artist: Nepal

Mahima Singh is a visual artist, who is currently working in the mediums of performance, portraiture, and installation art. She is inspired by the uncertainty and violence she sees in the world, her work is particularly influenced by natural disasters, disease, violence, and terrorism. We see these acts of horrific violence on the news and in real-life every day; Mahima’s work reflects on the toll this has on the fragility of human life. Her latest project (2017 to present) is a series of postmortem portraits of those who passed away in the April 2015 earthquake. These mixed-medium portraits question our materialistic world and showcase the impermanence of life.

Mahima holds Masters of Fine Arts from the Korea National University of Art, South Korea. Her work has been shown in two solo exhibitions, Spontaneity and Control in DM gallery and The Rain in Godo Gallery, both in Seoul, South Korea in 2012.

Mahima is excited to be a part of Trans Art Studio project 3.0, as it will afford her the opportunity to collaborate and discuss her ideas with people working in different disciplines. She hopes to learn from all the workshops, interactions and presentations from professionals of different backgrounds to enhance her work and to grow as an artist.


Weshley John: Visual Artist New Zealand

Wesley John Fourie’s artistic practice is predominantly textile-based, as he works mostly with knitting techniques, however, his work is also installation, painted, written, and drawn. He is currently on a six-month pilgrimage across the Indian subcontinent, his intention throughout the process being to make art relevant to each place he stays and then take the work back to exhibit in New Zealand.



Durga Sunuwar (Sara Tunich Koinch) Nepal

Durga Sunuwar (Sara Tunich Koinch) is an art learner, art lover, and a freelance artist. She was born in Sindhuli, Nepal on December 2, 1991. Her family moved from Sindhuli to Dhanusha where she completed her SLC from Shree Sarbajananik higher secondary school and continued high school in management with major in computer science at Mahendra Boudha Higher Secondary School. Her mother is a local market shop-keeper and her father is a carpenter. Although being from a family that had no background in Arts, Durga was always keen on it. She has her childhood memory of being active in extra-curricular activities and wanting to do something different that would be meaningful to her entire life.


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