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Bikalpa Art Center is pleased to welcome two very exciting visiting artists, Eunuk Lee and Chosun Hong from South Korea. They are a visual artist and a sound engineer/ filmmakers. They are going to work at Bikalpa for the next two weeks and there will be an open studio at the end of their stay. While they are here with us we are also planning to have a workshop or at least an artist talk and presentation.


Eunuk Lee (South Korea)

Eunuk Lee (1981)’s artwork is built on a diverse, curated visual drawing. Though always squarely in the realm of drawings, Lee’s series vary geometrically in the subconscious and aesthetic qualities. Considering its mathematical expressionistic requirements and conditions, she reflects on the unique mark and its proportion, interacting the modular canon that is intrinsic to the act with an artificiality contrived according to parameters known only to herself. Using elemental pens, ruler, protractor as her tools, she applies the line vigorously, sometimes shaping on her own style, symbols of eye (=icon) it in parts. Eventually the composition is fixed on the broad expanse of the maze world. She featured her artworks including 2018 Membrane Eye(solo show) Space BA & SEOFAC in Korea, 2017 Magic Fish(solo show) Space BA in Korea, 70 OIS Reindeerland Festival in Islands, 2007 Video Cuts in UK, Sweden and Spain. She also joined the Takt Artist Residency programme in Germany.


Chosun Hong (South Korea)

Since studying audio engineering in Germany, Chosun Hong has engaged in sound-based work including collecting, recording, composing and directing, in fields as diverse as fashion runways, film, various performances, and exhibitions.  She has worked as a collaborating sound artist with performance and media artist Min Oh, lectured at workshop programs led by choreographer EunMe Ahn, NEXON Korea, Chungang University and served as sound director for several independent films, In 2017, her sound installation was featured at Plastic Fantastic, a research-based exhibition on various aspects of plastic held at D MUSEUM, Seoul.  Hong currently serves as sound director and composer at Schokobaum, Kino Post (Film Post Production), Studio EASY.


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