Welcome artists-in-residence 1st season 2015


audrey ABRAHAM Audrey (France)

Audrey Abraham graduate from National Superior School for Visual Arts, La Cambre. Lately she went to La Cam- bre, Brussels where she specialized in screenprinting.
Audrey has planed to follow her artistic work and research during the residency at BAC. She is inspired by the work of Francis Aly, the Stalker Labotary, Hamish Fulton, all strider artists using the walk as an artistic process.
Her major protocol of exploration could be daily or itinerant, followed of studio work such as drawings, mappings on large paper or scrolls. She would also be interested in leading workshops, exchanging and collaboration with local artists.

sushma_portraitSushma Shakya (Nepal)
Sushma Shakya graduate from Tribhuvan University, Central Department of Fine Arts major in printmaking. She is recently working on issues that are related with environment and ecology.
Her works may depict the guideline of traditional paubha motifs based on Hindu and Buddhist philosophies and she would be interested in expressing these ideas through the different kinds of printmaking such as calligraphy, woodcut, aquatint, etching and etc.
While she is in the residency, she would like to follow her studio work and research being open to explore and collaboration in extensive form.

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