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Bikalpa Art Center jointly with Art Nepal and Artudio now has taken a move with the motivation to help support the affected artistic community from the most devastating earthquake in Nepal.

What is Artist Support Project
This project is basically helping a community by communities. it is an initiation by a group of determined and committed Nepali youth organizations in collaboration with local/ international artists and local/ international organizations.

The core idea of this project is to raise funds by organizing a series of fundraiser events in Kathmandu and around the globe that will help to support affected Nepali artists and communities.

Why this project?
All the major monuments, historical-cultural heritage sites are collapsed, most of the art institutions, art organizations and academy have badly damaged, hundreds of artists have been deeply affected, many of their houses/ studio space have collapsed and many have lost their family members. Therefore the core idea of this project is to create a common platform (studio space) opportunities and some educational programs to the affected artists.

How does this project work?
We would like to call an appeal to the local and international artistic communities, organizations and individuals to cooperate with us and support us by organizing fundraiser events, donating artworks, small money or any other possible kind. This is important because we can’t do anything alone, we need your cooperation and support to bring lives back normal.

For more detail and progress of the project please visit it’s website
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