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Bikalpa Art Center [BAC] is in mourning as a result of the devastating earthquake that hit on 25th April 2015: it is located in a part of the city that suffered particularly badly. Some 7,800 deaths have been recorded according to the Nepal Police report. It is however assumed that more than 9,000+ people have died. Most of the historical-cultural heritage sites have collapsed. Reconstruction is estimated to cost billions. The founders of Bikalpa Art Center have lost one of their family members in this tragic event, and the BAC is also affected by major damage. The gallery/ studio space, screening hall are badly cracked, and all the walls of the premises are collapsed.

About BAC
BAC is a non-profit organization lead by a group of dynamic, innovative and self-motivated young artists (visual, performing, film, etc.) who are entirely devoted to introducing art to the general public of Nepal by increasing access and providing innovative art experiences for a variety of audiences. This is particularly important in Nepal where most people have little access to, or experience of, contemporary art.

Over the past three years, our group of young creative people have worked vigorously to bring quality programming and unique special events to the venue. BAC has established a national and international reputation for being a vibrant renowned arts platform for activists-free-thinkers, innovative creative people, entrepreneurs and other individuals who want to share their thoughts and work with us.

For further detail please visit our website:

We are heartily thankful to all other organizations and individuals who are collectively supporting BAC.

– Chautara Gallery, Netherlands (,
– Nepal International Arts Programme’ (,
– Artists For Nepal, a prompt initiation by visual artist and curator Gaynor O’Flynn (
– Spirit of Boz, Be Boz Be Art project (
– ARTquake, a fundraiser event at October Gallery in the UK, London, initiation of a group of UK based Nepali artists. (

In collaboration with various local artists and organizations in Nepal and the international Artists for Nepal Project, we are organizing a series of events in Kathmandu that will support particularly the affected artists and their families. Check the page here (

We also invite the broader international arts community and international art patrons and organizations to get involved with and support our important work for contemporary art in Nepal!

Reconstruction of BAC Gallery and the Screening Hall

Nine months ago, we newly built the screening hall and gallery+ studio space, outdoor toilet within the parts of the premises of the BAC that have now been either partially destroyed or made unusable in the recent devastating earthquake: these need to restored to bring BAC back to life. This is only going to be possible with your support!

What we are looking for your support to restore:
1. 9′ high walls that covers the entire premises of BAC $ 1500
2. Outdoor toilet- $1200
3. 18’x 36’x12′ Screening Hall+ Gallery Space $5,000

So, please be generous and make a small donation now to help BAC return to life!

The donation will be collected via the PayPal account of UK Nepal Friendship Society and directly transferred to Bikalpa Art Center.

If you have any problem donating via PayPal or you don’t have an account please drop us an email at [email protected]


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