Interns FAQ

Why Should I do volunteer/ Internship at BAC

BAC is a non-government organization that believes in a self-sustainable mechanism, it is a community center, cultural hub, common platform for creative professionals and change-makers. It runs with the notion to start a dialogue of social issues and raise awareness through creative expressions. It also runs with the intention to help support Nepalese creative youngsters, offer them a platform for exchange, exposure, networking and make them realize that they are the change-makers.  Now it’s all your choice and decision why you want to work with us if you think your idea, skill, knowledge fits in somewhere around and you think it may help the community then join us.

What areas can I volunteer/ internship in?

We highly recommend thinking about the area of interest, time and contribution realistically practical. We encourage the applicants to map their minds, plan the project (up running or a new one) that they want to help with and mention it in the application form. It is also possible and welcomes to receive physical assistance in regular activities at the center. To learn about projects, regular activities please check on news and updates page or our Facebook pages:

The followings are our regular programs and activities that could be the area of your interest.

  1. Curating/ organizing exhibitions, talks, presentations and interactions.
  2. Working with the team of research and development, archive, help the project like, tiny stage, green market, or even managing the store activities.
  3. Physical assistance in the bar with helping/ promoting/ organizing social events, performances, live music, movie nights, etc.
  4. We also offer community co-working space/ designer’s studio and your help in promoting co-working/ co-sharing space culture could also be essential.
  5. Community outreach programs that may bring dialogue and concerns on social issues problems and solutions. It may involve youngsters, different creative professionals, social workers who think they could be a part of the solution but not the problems.

How long do I have to do a volunteer/ internship?

We normally accept volunteers/ interns who could contribute 45 – 90 days. However, if someone approaches with very specific plans and details about the project he/she would want to execute, we may also accept it even it is shorter term.

Do I get any food?

Yes, we provide some tea (organic black tea) and a main meal a day (Nepali khana- daal bhaat) only if the volunteer/ intern working full time.

Do I also get accommodation?

No, we do not provide accommodation. However, we may recommend some reasonable and comfortable guest houses near the center. We recommend you find one nearby within walking distance for your convenience since many events happen in the evening time. *(we do not want to take any burden of complaints/ dissatisfactions regarding the accommodation issues)

What are accommodation and other expenses like?

The accommodation may depend on the need and facilities/ infrastructure vary from 250$ to 400$ per month for a single room. However, if you want to rent an empty flat (without furniture and utensils) it may come cheaper about $150 a month.

The other expenses like food and transportation also depend on where you eat (NRs. 500 – 2000 a day). Public transportation is quite reasonable from NRs 50 to 150 in the city, however, if you ride a private car or a taxi it will cost around NRs. 500 to 1500 depending on the distance.

Can I get an official invitation letter!

Yes, we can provide an official invitation letter but to do that we need to know what is the purpose of receiving an official invitation letter, where do you submit it?

What kind of Visa do I have to look for?

Even though you are applying for a volunteer service/ internship program we could not issue your working visa. Until the date, there is no issue with a tourist visa. Your tourist visa allows you to stay in Nepal easily for 90 days, but even if you want to extend it could be possible. Nepal accepts on arrival visa for many of the countries (you have to check) however, we recommend you to get a visa in your country. You should also check with the airlines if you have to book/ buy the return ticket beforehand. Please be noted, We would not be directly or indirectly involved with your visa procedures.

What BAC does not provide?

BAC does not provide:

  • Accident and Health Insurance
  • Visas
  • Materials
  • Mobile phone/SIM card
  • Laptop/Computers
  • Public Transport Passes.

What does BAC expect from the volunteers/ Interns

The very first we expect from our volunteers/ interns is proper coordination, cooperation, understanding, (understanding of different cultures). Sincere at work/ responsibility. And by the end a narrative sum up of your work/ experience at least 2 pages.

How do I get there?

15 to 25 minutes drive from the Tribhuvan International airport, Kathmandu to Pulchowk, Lalitpur, BAC (in front of Sajha Petrol Pump, along with the Laxmi Bank). You may get public transportation, taxi or a private vehicle. We normally send someone to pick you up from the airport.

HERE is the google map of the center

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