BAC Monthly Mela Information Pack

Hello! After the Tremendous success of the first ever BAC Artisan Christmas Bazaar, BAC is now approaching its monthly mela with a very specific theme that will showcase i.) Made in Nepal product ii.) Local food and drinks and iii.) Second hand garage sale.

Thank you for coming along and joining us at the BAC Monthly Mela!

Below is some information about how we would like to do things.


The aim of the Mela is to not only promote local products, but also to promote the Bikalpa Art Centre (BAC) as a space where a lot of creative minds can come together to make Kathmandu a more interesting space! You have been approached or have applied to join the first ever BAC Monthly Mela, Welcome!

The Mela will commence monthly (last Saturday) from 1:00pm until 7:00 and and after party from 7:00pm onwards.


To reserve your place at the Mela, you have been requested to register with an upfront fee of NRs 500 for Made in Nepal Product, NRs1000 for Foodstuff and NRs 500 for the Garage Sale. This amount is due as soon as possible as we work on a “first-in best dressed” basis. At the very latest, payment for your stall should be made one month before the Mela. Your BAC contact will issue you with a written receipt.


Please note that a cancellation fee of 50% applies up until one month prior to the event. After this date there are no refunds. There are also no transfers or rollover of credit for the next market date etc. Written notification of non-attendance of an allocated market is required. Please contact us as soon as possible if for some reason you cannot attend. We do understand that emergencies happen and take each cancellation on its merit. Simply changing your mind or taking a better offer will not get you a refund or make you any friends.


If you have any requests, please let us know. We cannot guarantee that we can fulfil your request, but we will try our hardest!

Some of the things we can accommodate are stall position, extra tables (sometimes!) etc.


This is the most important part for you, the stallholder.

How your stall looks and works is very important and relevant to your success at the event. Here are some important things to think about before attending The BAC Monthly Mela.

Your Stall

  • There are only 10 stalls all together, in each Mela that means you may or may not participate with your stall in each Mela. However, there will be flexibilities to book in advance, in future mela through our online registration form. Link here
  • On market day, every last Saturday of the month, BAC will open at 12:00pm for stallholders to set up their stalls. Stallholders may arrive any time after 12:00pm. It is your responsibility to ensure your stall is set up and functioning by 1:00pm, when the market will open for customers.
  • The stallholders will have to shut down their stalls by 7:00pm, when the Mela ends.
  • Parking will be available on request, as will vehicle access for set-up and pack-up, before and after the market trading hours, however there is strictly vehicles are not allowed on the premises
  • Think about your stall set up, how does it look to you but more importantly how does it look to the customer? Can they see what you sell? Can they see the name of your business? Is it obvious what you sell? This might seem obvious to you but not to others. The easiest way to check this is ask someone who does not know what you do.
  • All stallholders must present their stalls in a professional, stylish and clean manner.
  • Tables are to be completely covered by a table cover, and any boxes/packaging/suitcases etc. must be hidden from view and not impose on neighboring stallholders displays.
  • All stalls must be free standing; nothing may be attached to the walls. No freestanding pop up gazebo frames may be used.

Stall Equipment

BAC will provide all stallholders with:

  • Tables: One table 120cm long x 60cm wide will be provided to you. If you require an extra table, we cannot promise we will be able to accommodate your request, but we will try our hardest.
  • Chairs: One chair per stall will be provided. You may bring chairs or stools to sit on


  • We will be publicising the Mela on our facebook page and urge you to send information about yourselves: information on products you will be selling; you contact/website/facebook page details. This will also ensure that you have a presence, even at the times that you will not have a stall at one of the mela’s
  • We will promote the mela using all our promotion channels, fully utilising press, online and word of mouth contacts. We would urge you to promote the mela too, utilising all your networks.

Things to bring

  • All tables must have table cloth covering.  This is to ensure that BAC equipment is not damaged. Take this opportunity to make your stall stand out!
  • You may bring chairs or stools to sit on.
  • On request, foodstuff stallholders may bring equipment necessary for warming foods etc.
  • You may not bring extra tables to display your goods. This will most probably impose on neighboring stallholders. Remember: Love thy neighbors, as they may help you out on the day, for example when you need a toilet or food break!
  • Please ensure you bring enough change ($$) to enable you to sell your products without trouble.

Operational Information

  • Loud product promotion by stallholders is not permitted… but if you fancy a dance, please do so!
  • No power or water is available to, nor shall be connected to any stall.
  • Toilets are available for use at BAC.
  • Vehicles are not permitted to enter or drive within the BAC premises during the event
  • All rubbish, waste and packaging must be taken away with the stallholder – BAC bins are NOT to be used for stallholder rubbish.
  • No items belonging to the stallholder may be placed anywhere other than in the stallholders designated Stall or trading area whether during Set Up, Pack Up or trading hours and care must especially be taken not to obstruct retailer store frontages.
  • Helping Hands – BAC team will be there to help you out. If you need anything or have any questions they will be there to help you as much as possible.


The BAC Monthly Mela will be held at the BAC premises in Pulchowk, in front of the Sajha Petrol Pump, along the Godrej showroom.
Google Map HERE


  • Following is a copy of the master floor plan. Please note changes can be made to this plan at any time, this is not set in stone. If these changes affect you, you will be notified.
  • You may make requests as to where you might like to be and we will make note of them all but please be aware that we cannot accommodate everyone.


Finally, thank you for reading this whole document! Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any further assistance or have any questions.

The BAC Monthly Mela Team Contact details
Saroj (Managing Director)
E: [email protected]
T: 985 1147 776

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