BAC Initiative


An imperative component of the Bikalpa Art Center is the Bikalpa Initiative. With a well-built conviction of giving back to the community, the initiative is all about taking art to a local platform from which community can be benefited.
The initiative is a non-profit oriented group of vivacious and self-motivated youth. The ultimate intention of the Bikalpa Initiative team is to toil at the grass-root level, pick of various social issues and contribute towards raising awareness to create a long term impact through artistic and imaginative conduct.
By artistic and imaginative conducts we bring any project or initiation or even ideas that could be helpful in creating wakefulness regarding the various problems that we are facing in our day to day lives. All of this because we believe that art has the clout to magnetize and enlighten people, both educated and uneducated.
Bikalpa Initiative is also an extensive platform for socialists, activists, entrepreneurs and any other individuals who want to share their thoughts and work with us. We always welcome and greet the innovative ideas and concepts of yours and also help you get through it.
If you want to work in collaboration with us or want to know more about us then reach us at:
Bikalpa Art Center
Jhamsikhel-2/17, Lalitpur, Nepal
Email: [email protected]

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