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Random Reveries

Random Reveries

| On 03, Aug 2013

Bikalpa Art Center brings together the works of three women artists in Nepal with divergent art practices.
Bidhata KC is well known for her forays into nature and has had a number of solo and group exhibitions. She has shown internationally, including in Italy and Korea and has also won the National Government Award for Excellence. She has eleven pieces on show here, six of which are from the series Do Batoma Ubhieko Samay (2012) and the rest are etchings done over time.

Kurchi Dasgupta’s current preoccupation is with urbanization and gender issues. She has shown two solos in London, including once at the Nehru Centre, beside a number of group and solo shows nationally and internationally. She will be participating in the United Art Fair (2013) and writes regularly on art in international publications. Of Kurchi’s six pieces exhibited here, all but one are done in 2013.

Pramila Bajracharya concerns herself with women’s mind spaces and experiences. For years now she has been exploring these themes and has a number of solo and group shows to her credit. She has received many awards, including the Arniko Award in 2002 and has exhibited her works internationally on numerous occasions. Pramila’s seven pieces characteristically delve into the psychological trauma and resultant complexities that shadow a woman’s existence. Though some of her pieces on show are from the current year, a few are older.

The coming together of Bidhata and Kurchi from Kathmandu Quartet and Pramila from Kasthamandap Group is a rare occurrence. Three women artists working in Nepal, of divergent background and art practices, are presented here as they explore their immediate inspirations and concerns.

Bikalpa Art Center is happy to bring these three artists together and showcase them while living up to its goal of being a thinking, aware platform for various art forms in Nepal.