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Exchange Program

Exchange programs are the opportunity being provided by the Bikalpa Art Center to the commendable and justifiable aspirants. The chief focus of this line up is making certain of the cultural exchange among participants and the locals.
The participants can practice art in their assigned destination and also work towards the switch over or flourishing of their cultures and associating the local cultures of the place in their exertion and reflect it through art.
For this, Bikalpa is looking forward to work in partnership with similar foundations such as schools, art centers, academies and galleries for the exchange program. The participants of the exchange program can be scholars, learners, artists, individuals ardent about art and even others.
The participants shall be selected based upon their past practice and understanding of art and prospective art proficiency.
From the exchange program, the participants will be provided with the remuneration of international exposure for practice, credits in their academics and personal escalation.
The centre will soon be inducting the exchange programs for which the interested institutions can further know about the programs by writing us at: