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Trans Studio Project 3.0

Trans Studio Project 3.0

| On 18, May 2018

BAC Trans Studio Project 3.0 (21st of May – 8th of June 2018)

The Trans Studio Project 3.0 is a three-week – from Monday the 21st of May until Friday the 8th of June – intensive transdisciplinary project, that aims to bring together professionals for a myriad of different disciplines, too, in the spirit of collaboration, use collective wisdom to produce individual works of art. The overall aim of this project is to educate society on socio-political issues facing contemporary Nepal through art. This workshop will culminate with a five-day contemporary art exhibition in the BAC studio, opening on Friday the 8th of June.

This project consists of series of workshop and training, lecture and presentation, movies and musical performances. There will be two public expositions; one in the mid of the program as ‘Evening with the Artists’ open studio on 2nd of June 2018 and another at the end as the ‘Final Exhibition’ on 8th of June 2018.

Come and join the launch of Trans Studio Project 3.0 on 21st May 2018.
To celebrate the beginning of this three-week event, the BAC is having a Grand Opening Fundraiser.
Live Music – Art Exhibition – Paint & Drink Workshop – Food & Drink 

Free Entrance!

Live Music Line-up:
Mango Soup
Purple August

Paint & Drink Workshop: 
Join our ‘Paint & Drink’ workshop for the opportunity to let your creative juices flow, with the help of a drink or two. We provide you with the paint, canvas, artistic instruction, and your first drink (Beer, Wine or Soft drink) for 1000Rs, and you do the rest. Create your masterpiece, no artistic skill needed!

Food & Drink: 
The Bikalpa Cafe & Bar will have gourmet food and drink offer, and cheap beer on tap.

Following is the brief introduction of artists and their projects

  • Pablo Lopez – Visual Artist: Australia

    Pablo Lopez is a visual artist/musician joining us from Melbourne, Australia. Pablo was introduced to traditional painting methods and techniques while undertaking a Diploma of Visual Arts and continued with a Bachelor of Fine Arts to expand his studio practice. During his Bachelors, Pablo conceptually developed as a painter, through experimenting with different mediums (acrylic paint, spray paint, earth materials, etc.), scale, and style.

    After graduating, Pablo has continued to strive for artist growth through experimentation. Taking up a year-long project with established sculptural artist Louis Laumen. From working with Louis, he was introduced to the process and methods used in traditional sculpture. Pablo then had the opportunity to work in a foundry for a short time. Pablo’s concern for the environment and sense of uncertainty is a theme that hopefully translates through the Trans Studio Project 3.0 (TSP3.0), where Pablo will continue to learn through experimentation with painting, sculpture or installation.

    Pablo is eager to participate in the TSP3.0, as it will afford him the opportunity to collaborate with other artists and contribute to the local community while visiting Nepal.


    Mahima Singh – Performance and Mixed Medium Installation Artist: Nepal

    Mahima Singh is a visual artist, who is currently working in the mediums of performance, portraiture, and installation art. She is inspired by the uncertainty and violent she sees in the world, her work is particularly influenced by natural disasters, disease, violence, and terrorism. We see these acts of horrific violence on the news and in real-life every day; Mahima’s work reflects on the toll this has on the fragility of human life. Her latest project (2017 to present) is a series of postmortem portraits of those who passed away in the April 2015 earthquake. These mixed-medium portraits question our materialistic world and showcase the impermanence of life.

    Mahima holds Masters of Fine Arts from the Korea National University of Art, South Korea. Her work has been shown in two solo exhibitions, Spontaneity and Control in DM gallery and The Rain in Godo gallery, both in Seoul, South Korea in 2012.

    Mahima is excited to be a part of Trans Art Studio project 3.0, as it will afford her the opportunity to collaborate and discuss her ideas with people working in different disciplines. She hopes to learn from all the workshops, interactions and presentations from the professionals of different background to enhance her work and to grow as an artist.


    Rahul Thapa – Installation Artist : Nepal

    Rahul Thapa is a contemporary visual artist working with various art mediums, primarily: videography and wood installation. Rahul creates temporal works of art, inspired by the ephemerality of nature. His work is influenced by the human psyche, creating works that reflect conflicting and confounded emotional experiences. He has previously worked on the themes of Creation, Duality, and the Five elements of nature; however, Rahul is currently looking to step out of his comfort zone and experiment with creating art that is less visual, and more sensory.

    Rahul has a passion for drawing, photography, and filmography. He currently works as an Art director for films, creating visual storyboards. A long-term aspiration of Rahul’s is to tell great stories through film and/or animation.


    When asked why he choose to participate in this project, Rahul stated that “I am very excited to participate in the Trans Studio Project 3.0 because this project is giving me an opportunity to closely collaborate with other fellow practitioners from different fields, learn from each other as well as giving us a support and the environment for us to realize our artworks.”

    Samrat Singh Silwal – Writer: Nepal

    Samrat describes himself as “a confused soul, waiting for inspiration. Currently finding my way through this mess called life.” The Trans Studio Project 3.0 is Samrat’s first foray into visual art. However, he has a strong background in writing, a passion for photography and interest in movies.


    Samrat recently graduated from the Kathmandu University with a Bachelors of Business Administration. Upon reflection, Samrat describes his university experience as “uninspiring” and has decided to take a different and less conventional path in life. He is currently working as a freelance writer and public speaking coach for kids. His writing has a particular focus on travel. Samrat has a true passion for travelling, stating that “If given a choice between money and travel, I would take the money and then travel!”

    The Trans Studio Project 3.0 will be a completely new experience for Samrat. The TSP3.0 is all about collaboration and learning from one another. Samrat’s will bring his articulate writing ability and longing for inspiration to this Project. We are excited to see how much he will learn and grow as an artist from this experience.

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