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Trans Culture Camp Open Studio and Exhibition 2016

| On 23, Sep 2016

‘BAC’s Trans Culture Camp’ open studio and exhibition’ showcases the artworks created by 5 local artists (Dipendra Man Banepali, Kunti Shree Thapa Magar, Subhadra Maharjan, Yogesh Awale and Jotscha Saroo) during a month long camp in Aanboo Khareni and in Kathmandu. The final exhibition took place from Saturday, 17th September, 2016 and will continue until Wednesday, 28th September, 2016.

The first public opening took place at different public spaces of Aanboo Khaireni on 9th September, 2016 where it receives about 400 public on the opening.

  • dipendraDipendra Man Banepali: NEPAL

    Raising of machine, especially digital technology, is not an issue at all. However, increasing digital supremacy rending calendar of societal and civitas is an eye-opener of digital mediation and its power. Man is in digital race enticing his power with machine debuting machine civilization and edging humanity in materialistic world. Advancement of digital technology and ongoing rapid success rate in digital technology, artificial intelligence and machine learning would bring a reality of machine civilization in notice of human beings after immediate of capability of machine to reproduce, and ego – constructing “I” in their existence. Enticing of power and politics within two civilizations would bring new social contract introducing new story of leviathan to establish power and politics between tow civilizations. And machine civilization would obviously represent mirror of characters and thought of its inventors or scientist. At the day of machine civilization human won’t be only one most intelligent animal on the earth as today in a way of realism. Nexus of new civilization of machine won’t be stopped since man is in digital race and he won’t stop to prove as if his super capacity building same as him.

    It is not statement of negation against raising the machine, especially digital technology, but predicting future latent potential conflict between human civilization and machine civilization which can be minimize with preventive conflict management between two civilizations in future. It might be to earlier to talk about this issue since either it has any physical shape or predictable result of future collisions.

    yogeshYogesh Awale: NEPAL

    Nepal is a country where most of the people are unemployed. As a result, foreign employment has become a attraction for the Nepalese. In this artwork, sling shot is symbolized as a reason or cause due to which the immigrants are increasing. Similarly, the cassette reel from sling shot to the map is symbolized as the link or trail of the immigrants which shows the participation of the immigrants in different countries of the world.



    jyotshaJyochta Sharoo: NEPAL

    Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal has been the attraction of the opportunities and education in Nepal since long time. As a result, many people around different parts of the country are migrated here.

    In this work of art, those people who have migrated has been represented as the colony or home of a bee i.e. Bee hive. Each honeycomb depicts a home of a person living in Kathmandu from different parts of the country. Also the hills have been shown as the valley and the beehive has been composed within the valley.


    kuntiKunti Shree Thapa Magar: NEPAL

    The huge numbers of people are going abroad. This has been a common issue in Nepal and has become a tradition. Similarly, in Anboo Khaireni, which is a small developing town where the same tradition continues. For the fulfillment of needs of the family members, many youths are going abroad because of many reasons.

    In this artwork umbrella shows the role of protection by the youths in abroad towards their family members living in Nepal. On the top of umbrella, there are the names of those youths and the photos of their family members are hung with the thread under the umbrella.


    subhadraSubhadra Maharjan: NEPAL

    Abukhireni, where people have came from different places leaving their homeland, now it has become the second biggest town in Tanahun. In the process of immigration population increases as well as the pollution. If population keeps on increasing in the same rate the amount of pollution will also increase in the same rate. But I believe that in this place pollution can be maintained in a matter of time. So, thinking about this issue I have worked on this artwork.

    Kathmandu, city of garbage. There are many reasons behind pollution due to which heritage are being affected. Keeping this in my mind I’ve created my artwork. My artwork is made completely out of trash objects, and they are composed in such a way that when light is projected, the casted shadow comes in the shapes of the heritage.

  • Either Digital Supremacy has any physical shape or predictable result of future collisions — An Installation of Fine Art Artists and Researcher

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