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Rusted Impression

Rusted Impression

| On 28, Jun 2016

Rusted Impression is a solo exhibition of Mr. Bishal Manandhar that consists series of paper and canvas works and installation. The works are made of transferred impressions of found oxidized, discarded materials.
Mr. Manandhar beleives that rust is a natural pigment and it creates an unexpected variety of hues. He intends to represent the beauty of random ordinary objects and explore the rich colors that rust produces.
The motivation of the works that has come along is from the massive earthquake in Nepal last year. Mr. Manandhar thinks that the landscape of Kathmandu has been marked by ever increasing piles of debris. “As we rebuild, these piles pose significant challenges for us; first, we must find ways to rebuild our homes and landmarks without simultaneously transforming the landscape into one covered in rubbish and ruin. Secondly, it is important that we find ways to memorialize both the physical loss and the emotional toll this event caused” says Mr. Manandhar.

The exhibition will take place for 10 days until 2nd July 2016 5pm. So, if you are in the town don’t forget to visit the exhibition at BAC.