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Panorama 24

Panorama 24

“Panorama 24” is a 1st hive of BAC, 2 weeks extensive group show of 24 young promising contemporary artists who are functioning in entirely assorted forms of art such as performance, installation, video, sculpture, painting, sound, digital art etc. In the meantime we are also focusing on live experimental music that induces a constructive and positive whim to the event.

“Panorama 24” is projected not only to endorse contemporary art and artists of Nepal but also to pioneer the characteristics of Bikalpa Art Center itself. We deem that there is a life-size slit between art and society today. So, BAC stands to make art accessible to the public through its different community based art projects. Here in this exhibition “Panorama 24”, we are therefore focusing on diverse forms of art with extra attractions of live music and other live events (film screening, interaction and performance art etc.) during the exhibition interlude.

  • agamAgam Shrestha

    Need to know Nothing
    ”energy can neither be created nor destroyed but can be trans- formed” Every “situations” have their own energy. If it is turned to good it becomes positive energy and if to bad then becomes nega- tive. Here the necessity is to realize the situation which is led by reasoning, analysis and all the observations that brings a beautiful consciousness of the supreme energy.

    Here, using the junk materials, I’ve created a form which is in medi- tative posture. The junk denote “thrown”(rejected) things from the general life. They are the metaphors of unsatisfactory moments of man’s life which they want to forget and throw away.

    In just few words it can be described as …self-observation to the…. purification.

    jupyJupiter Pradhan
    I made this movie in South Korea to mention my concept about life, to describe the story in short, I need to say, its life, we just started purely in water, then we deal it with daily routine and our own feeling, feelings that are changing day by day, second by second, up and down, dark and bright, no matter we are liv- ing it in real life or social network, alone or with beloved ones, simply life is life.


    Kailash K Shrestha

    “Everything has multiple layers and each layer has its own identity and meanings. The works I have put for the exhibitions are one layer of human being in a multicultural society that we live in. And I’m trying to create multiple dialogues among each other through these works of art and I believe art is one of the powerful visual language to create a dialogue in the society .”
    Kalapremi Shrestha

    One object different Identities
    The artist has used ceramic and rako fir- ing technique to create a sculpture titled as “One object different identities”. The main idea that has been reflected is the use of negative to create mass produc- tion of same design. The whole concept of the repeated creation is to show that the human being changes as per the time. The nature of a person is molded according to different factors of life such as relationships, obstacles, issues, love, hatred and so on.

    laxmanLaxman Karmacharya

    Hide and seek
    I used to play hide and seek in my childhood and used to put different objects on my face to hide myself not to be recognize by others. But now I am feeling that I am really hidden by something which makes feel like I am not free in my life.

    mahimaMahima Singh

    Let’s not use Plastics
    This is an installation and performance inspired by the situation of Kathmandu today which is dirty, messy, and unstable and about the life of people in it. The major problem of Kathmandu is plastic which is becoming very serious day by day and contaminating our rivers and surrounding.

    For me, the garbage and plastics are also the symbolic representation of the social evils, which are merely seen by us.
    To portray this whole idea, I hang garbage, plastics and jute sack thread to depict rain and river. My performance wearing plastic dress in river is to show the life of people in this critical environment.

    manishManish Lal Shrestha

    “A clear example that age is not a bar regarding the accomplishment of cre- ative wisdom, Manish, in a young age has achieved such art insight that amazes and captivates all”- Mukesh Malla a renowned art Critic of Nepal.

    One of the pioneers to explore Post-Modern Tendency in Nepal, Manish Lal Shrestha has completed his art degree from Sir J.J. School of Fine art, Mumbai 2001.

    miliMili Pradhan

    Traditionally, dogs and crows are believed to embody spirits of the deceased. They are fed by householders and allowed to make their space in the social community. As the city’s road widening projects introduce more vehicles into the streets, littler space is spared for pedestrians and street life. People, like stray animals, are pushed to the sides. In particular, I find the state of street dogs to be re- flective of the changing values, lifestyle, priorities, overall health and sustenance of the urbanizing social system. The installation attempts to create a frame of comfort and care around images of street dogs as a way to shift viewpoint of ‘looking’ from indifference to ownership.

    prabinPabin Shreshta

    Most of the popular goods in the market are duplicate. Traders can earn more profit in duplicate then in original. Original and du- plicate are similar in looks, but the only difference is in quality. In this painting, the collage of duplicate currency in different shape of main figure, represents the duplicate goods. The currency are of Nepal and India, both can be exchanged in Nepal. In Nepali a pop- ular word, “Nakalli” implies the girls who make himself beautiful only her outer appereance. The main figure represents the similar girl or woman. To show the similarity, the duplicate currency and nakalli female figure, has used collage of duplicate currency on main figure. In the background, lots of icons which represents dif- ference between duplicate and original currency, has been used.

    prajwalPrajwal Tulachan

    I love exploring and experimenting the different perspective through the lenses and in CG. It is interesting for me to work in silhouette mode and composites. I believe through a pho- tograph you can depict the different emotions that one goes through in the single moment.


    pushpaPushpanjali Sherchan

    All the living beings depend on nature, but we are the superior ones, because we have been gifted with brains, so we are privileged as the intellect. Unfortunately our minds are busy destroying rather than preserving it. This is my dedication to Mother Nature.

    rajanRajan Pant

    In this green painting, people are mak- ing juice of sugarcane. i’ve seen people from far & small villeges of Sharlahi, working very hard near the dried rever which inspire me very much. i fullfilled that dry place with my desire, that is GREEN. and for retinal beauty, i’m play- ing with dancing thine lines and dra- matical elements or small forms in this painting.

    saritaSarita Dangol

    Silent Speaking
    Immobile object really fascinated me like plant, vegetable, Fruits. I feel that Nature in part of our life and humans share a special bond with it. What I feel towards my creativity has filled me with a sense of enthusiasm which is why I prefer these subjects over others. I believe that it is also neces- sary to go through various sensations and emotions such as happiness, pleasure, pain fear and satisfac- tion just as we human do. Basically my art is an effort to line their hidden yet significant message that these immobile objects are trying to share with us and through my own language of art.

    saroj_bSaroj Bajracharya

    Symbol of search and epitome of material human development, Astronaut is a constant visitor in my paintings. The feather is the destination of this search that is hidden within the astronaut. It is only a matter of removing the mask ofperceptions that one finds this feather which symbolizes the identity that continues with or without tangible ephemerality. In other words feather is the spirit of all beings. Spirit is invisible; however, one aspect of it is that it is weightless. Therefore relating with this quality of weightlessness of the spirit, feather which is also of minimum weight is represented here. Other representations such as fire, water and basin, are the activities or the friction that is caused by the conjunction of the search and the destination. Moon here indicates consciousness which is the balanced harmony due to the friction. A child is the sense of attachment with the self. Colors are the medium that establishes concentration. And my canvases are the manifestation that the source of everything is one; but in order to understand this, the materializing consciousness replicates in the cycle of existence. Thus the moon replicates like a unicellular does. And after vigorous mind body activities, the one which is the unicellular of all the multicellular is realized.

    sarojSaroj Mahato

    The Door
    The Door is a Projection Mapping that is projected on a door itself. And throughout the presentation various doors open and some don’t. With this the viewer gets an illusion that the doors are real and they are not virtual but do exist. The ideology be- hind this art is to show that in our life we have to go through varied situations, massive experience among which some are good and some are bit- ter. Similarly, doors in this video art are symboli- cally represented and the struggles of our life as well. Sometimes the door opens and sometimes it doesn’t.

    shankarShankar Son Shrestha

    Experience of Life
    The life we live is divided into two contradicting poles- life and death. This creates great duality in us. Therefore even in happiness we sometimes feel alone and tend to become frustrated. And of course there are sad moments in life that test our patience and tolerance.Every human is an entirely a distinct universe in him/her self. With the same physical feature, we are yet different in terms of expressing ourselves. Some are playful in sadness and some unhappy even in joy. All this high and low experiences ultimately elevates our understanding towards life and this is when we come closer to the essence of life.Therefore my work presently journeys the variation of life of human consciousness.

    sheelasatya shila Kashajoo

    Determination and condition
    Water is the most essential element for human life. The legend shows how Vagirath brought water in earth with his strong determination. His determination is never forgotten in Hindu mythology and gives his example to show strong determi- nation. Present condition is just opposite to his determination. Due to lack of water most of water spouts are in drained condition.

    Whenever water is supplied in taps it became place of battle. Everyone is fighting for water. so present condition is questioning to his determination.

    shushmashushma shakya

    Destruction for construction
    The road expansion going on in the Kathmandu valley symbolizes the country moving towards development while it embraces the painful moment of many who had to sacrifice part or whole of their abode snatching away their imperishable memories from generations.

    srijanSrijan Bajracharya

    Srijan Bajracharya is a photographer, who started his career in 2001 as freelance photographer. He has been practicing photography since 1998. His main inter- ests are in culture photography, artistic and abstract photography. He loves to ex- periment with shutter speed. After grand appreciation for Drishti, the vision of mind, his solo photographic exhibition, he has never looked back in his photographic ca- reer. Currently, he is the proprietor of dot and pixel concern since 2009.

    sujanSujan Dangol

    Art is Process
    In this work, I spend around 259000 seconds with different experiences with this black color. During this period I have seen so many art works. Learning, searing and collaboration with so many artist and other per- sonals became my inspiration (source of art work). And in this period I strongly realized that art is just process. Art cannot stay constant, it is travels through different mediums and ideas creating different situation. All the art work are just metaphor of ideas. Real art work will be travelling through people to people as true gift making different dimension indi- vidually with free of cost. So this work of mine is tribute to all the artist and people whose work I have seen and inspired me directly or indirectly.

    sumeetSumeet Shakya

    Human beings are always searching for their IDENTITY. And, the preserva- tion of our CIVILIZATION is also an identity. The SEARCH for identity can be express through any medium. And, among them BODY ART is also the way for EXPRESSION.
    According to Ethnologue – Languages of the World – there are around 7,105 known living languages, each and every languages/dialects are intercon- nected with each other. And, in this self-portrait I tried to symbolize my body as the EARTH and relation among the different languages are ex- pressed through body art with the common word called GRACE.
    No exact figure exists, but unfortunately, we are losing languages every year, as only living speakers die.

    sundarSundar Lama

    The mind does react
    Every other creature is free in the nature, that is what nature does when one inhales the essence of nature humans are probably the creatures that are isolated and perplexed with multiple layers of consciousness. Ounces and individuals truly open it’s eyes in nature then rest of the other creatures tell there version of freedom and bliss.

    I try to connect such sentiment in all my creative activities. Once my ac- tivities get in motion .after a while I become art myself…. art of releas- ing the aspect of my freedom. I become my viewer, a constant observer, my critic and my experience of the self through the surroundings.

    supriyaSupriya Manandhar

    I should probably begin by telling you that I completed my BFA in 2011. After that I did freelance and taught for a living, until recently. Many things pique my interest; animation, philosophy, current affairs. Admittedly, I’m a bit of a cynic. Nevertheless, I often find myself naively hopeful even in the face of certain fail- ure. Although not the wisest course of action, it’s one of those foibles in life that’s helped me pull through. Right now, I’m still trying to figure out what my art ought to be about. These things don’t come too easy: conviction and perse- verance. I tell myself an uphill battle means I’m ascending. Sometimes, I like to think I’m very clever. There’s a puzzle hidden in this paragraph and I wonder if you can find it.

    Then you’ll be able to complete this: ……, hopefully in more ways than I think I am.

    udayUday Karmacharya

    Impact of Fashion
    It visualize the life and affection of a human who wants to make her own but different identity within the crowd of people with that conscious, a human tries to revolutionize herself with the outer fashion but hiding her inner truth. A human is giving more priority to outer fashion than oth- ers. I have tried to show the same thing in those paintings.