Welcome Interns in the midst of the Global Pandemic


Bikalpa Art Center is delighted to introduce and welcome our newly appointed three virtual interns from Canada, Italy, and China. We are extremely happy to have them on the team and looking forward to working together on our new programs and bringing out positive outcomes in the coming days. We would also like to wish them a successful learning experience via the virtual internship program at BAC.


The world is the oyster of fusion consisting of various art, culture, practices. Having a passion to recognize, research, and experience it is a great privilege. Bikalpa Art Center is very excited to announce you to our newest members. Giulia Casalini from Leiden, Netherlands is one of our interns with a background in the conservation of Cultural Heritage, Aesthetics, and Art History.

She specializes in museums and collections at present and has working experience in the Museum of Medieval and Modern Art of Pauda. Additionally, she has a Master’s Degree in Art and Culture, History of Arts, good knowledge about medieval art, modern art, contemporary art, etc. which provides great insights on our upcoming projects.

Now, in the middle of the Global Pandemic, one way of coping is to absorb, research, and understand the perspective of people, artists, diversity all over the world. For this Giulia connected with BAC to recognize the situation of the international perspective in this challenging environment. She also identifies with the principles of BAC about research about modern contemporary art, publications, editing, and collecting information through it.

The BAC team welcomes you wholeheartedly and looks forward to a variety of fantastic projects.

Ayesha Mohsin (CANADA)

There are a plethora of ways how we can represent art. It would be a great opportunity to see what our intern Ayesha Mohsin from Canada would bring to Bikalpa’s future projects and events.

Ayesha Mohsin is Gallery Facilitator and she is also the Founder and Artistic Director of Lexeme Theatre. Her background in the Masters of Fine Arts and Theatre Performance will provide great insights for BAC. Not just her studies, her passion, and interests also incline with BAC strategies, as she also represent from the eastern culture.

Ayesha’s experience on the performance will definitely provide great help in how we can conduct various performance art and combine virtual reality. Since there is a pandemic and the only way to connect with each other is through a virtual network, we have to come up with new inventive ideas about how we can similarly promote our art and artists.

Ziqi Wang (CHINA)

The BAC team welcomes you wholeheartedly and looks forward to a variety of fantastic projects.

The global pandemic has stopped us to pursue our regular goals but opened up new ways to connect with various sectors worldwide. BAC is thrilled to collaborate with our intern Ziqi Wang who is very enthusiastic about contemporary art.

Ziqi, although not from the art background, has great experience with doing research work, writing analytical papers. BAC encourages diverse ideas, experience, and knowledge so that all the concepts unifies into our project. With amazing communication and writing skills, she will help BAC to develop better strategies. Especially in the project management and organizing department and other technical assistance.

The ongoing global pandemic is a great way for networking with people of various backgrounds, such as writers, artists, performers, etc. The BAC team welcomes you wholeheartedly and looks forward to a variety of fantastic projects.



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