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Bikalpa Art Center introduces and welcomes the new intern, Tanisha Lamichhane from Nepal. She is a high school graduate from Rato Bangala with a passion for art, which has always pushed her to work in art-related activities since school. She took part in several competitions, organized them and ran the art club in her school. Her interest in art grew while studying A level where she got to explore more on sketching, crafting, painting, different mediums, figured out that she was extremely passionate about art wanted to keep exploring, and pursued it further. Since she had spare time, she was looking out for opportunities to intern in a place where she could learn about a variety of things.

She came to know about Bikalpa Art Center by being a part of an exhibition held at Bikalpa. During an interaction with one of the Founders at Bikalpa, she got intrigued and instantly wanted to work as an intern in order to learn more about how such ideas would be implemented. Along with that, this was a great opportunity for me to meet new people, learn about how events are organized and experience growth as an artist through guidance from the people I’ll be working with, says Tanisha. And now she is here as an Intern. We hope this opportunity will help her in her artistic career.


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