Urban Hymns


Bikalpa Art Center is super excited to present urban hymns this winter. Urban Hymns is a group exhibition with opening performance art. A group of emerging artists coming together and giving a fresh flavor to today’s Nepali contemporary art scene. Their works include Process Art, Installation, Digital Art, Performance, Art/ Story Photography and Mix Medias.

chrisChris Cohoon is an American artist based out of Illinois has done his BFA from Illinois State University, IL. His works deal with the process of creating substance and letting it grow over time. He likes to say himself a process artist.


mahimaMahima Singh is a Kathmandu based visual/ performance artist who received MFA from Korea National University of Arts, Seoul, South Korea. She is a founding member of Bikalpa Art Center. She is a lecturer at Tribhuvan University, Central Department of Fine Arts.


vineshVinesh Raj Maurya is a freelance photographer, filmmaker based in Kathmandu presenting his surreal digital works in the show.


sapanaSapana Shah is another young emerging visual artist presenting her series of story photographs. She is pursuing her MFA at Tribhuvan University, Central Department of Fine Arts.


saranSaran Tandukar is another vibrant emerging artist who likes to experiment with diverse forms and mix mediums. He has just finished his BFA from Kathmandu University, Center for Art and Design.


ragendra yogeshAnd a group of three young upcoming artists; Subhadra Maharjan, Yogesh Awal and Ragendra Shrestha from Srijana College of Fine Arts, Pursuing their BFA presenting a huge installation piece for urban hymns.

The show is opening on 19th of December 2014, 4:00pm and goes until the 23rd of December 2014. So, we urge you to book your date for the show!


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