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Dear all, this is a great opportunity to become a part of BAC, a dynamic community of international artists and to support building an artists’ studio, gallery and library. Help us create an alternative space for art practitioners and the community.  Help us create an alternative space for art practitioners & the community that will bring artists together from around the globe and provides them with a single platform to exchange ideas. All the details information about the project in on our IndieGoGo page, please visit the link below.

We are currently live on Indiegogo for a fundraising campaign. Please visit the campaign and contribute something.

To better serve the needs of the public and our visiting artists, we want to transform the unused portions of our property into an artists’ studio gallery and a mini-library. The new building will be two stories wooden and metal deck totaling 75 x 24 ft. This new space will allow artists to research, interact and work in a comfortable environment. It will also allow us to extend our current activities to an even larger scale. But this growth is possible only with your support. So, please go to the IndieGoGo page and make some contributions! Your small contribution will make a big difference!


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