Bikalpa Art Center listed in The Culture Trip as The 10 Best Contemporary Art Galleries In Nepal


We are extremely happy to share that The Culture Trip has listed Bikalpa Art Center as one of the best Contemporary Art Galleries in Nepal in our very initial period of time. Text from The Culture Trip below; to view the complete list of the top 10 at galleries please check out this link HERE

A fairly recent addition to Nepal’s contemporary arts scene, Bikalpa Art Centre was founded in 2009 to promote Nepalese art and culture. Bikalpa resides in a quaint courtyard with a peaceful garden – an oasis in the busy Pulchowk region – and boasts a gallery space, café, multimedia film and video production company, and a community arts initiative. The Bikalpa art gallery has hosted exhibitions such as Random Reveries, a collection of works from contemporary female Nepali artists Pramila Bajracharya, Kurchi Dasgupta and Bidhata KC, and Explorations in the Photographic Medium v.1.5, which featured the images of seven Kathmandu University art students working with the themes memory, home and family.


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