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Saroj Mahato, Founder/ Director of Bikalpa Art Center describes briefly about the center and features. A range of elements that distinguish BAC as its own characteristic are Bikalpa Art Gallery, Randomline Production, Bikalpa Initiative and Bikalpa BBQ Bistro.
Biaklpa Art Gallery
provides ample space for the empowerment of Nepalese contemporary art and artists where the artists can exhibit their works. But at the same, the gallery can also be used for films and documentaries screening, seminars and presentations, interaction on different issues and so on…
Randomline Production, a multimedia production studio that takes care of media allied work at Bikalpa Art Center. Apart from that, it also works on films, documentaries and television production.

Bikalpa BBQ Bistro is another feature of the center that is mainly run with the sole intention to catch the attention of the art lovers and take pleasure in art with the savor of splendid tasty food. But at the same time people can also just stopover the café for the sake of fresh and healthy food.

Bikalpa Initiative, another important feature of the center. It is basically a group of vibrant and self-motivated youth. The main intention of the Initiative team is to work at the grass-root level identifying the various social issues and contributing towards raising awareness to create a long-term impact through artistic and imaginative conduct.

Apart from these, we also have provision of Artists in Residence Programs, Cultural Exchange Programs, BAC Live, BAC DOC SCREENING, BAC Art Club, Lets Talk and BAC Annual Exhibition Grants.


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