Artists Residency Program

[one_half]Artist residency is basically intended for the convenience of international artists. It encourages international contacts for artists and focuses on every form of arts including visual art, video/ film, design, architecture, photography, sculpture and locally rooted practice. Residency periods range up to 6 months

Residency Conditions

  • Duration of residencies: 15 days to 6 months
  • Number of artists resident at a time: 6
  • Expenses paid by the artist: Travel, Food, Housing, Supplies
  • Application Procedure: By mail
  • Selection Procedure: By the committee
  • Expectations from the artist: Workshop/Presentation with the locals
  • Presentation of artist work: At the end of the residency

The artists can apply for the residency program and reach to us via email for further details. They shall be charged with nominal costs. To provide opportunities to the deserving candidates, our center also provides scholarship schemes upon favorable conditions. Within the scheme of scholarship are included the facilities of accommodation and stipend.

The artists would, however, be responsible for their visa, travel and other related expenses.

For the expediency of the artists coming for the residency, we have the provision of the organic café within the premises of the center.

The other facilities provided to the artists on residency are:

  • Common bathroom
  • Common kitchen
  • Living space
  • One studio
  • 24 hrs internet access
  • Hot water supply
  • Gallery space for exhibition

For further information, please Contact us

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